Turkey Valley 6th Grade
Mr. Stepan

On Friday, April 29, 2016, the Turkey Valley 5th and 6th graders took a field trip to the Iowa State Capitol and the Science Center of Iowa.  The students boarded a Hawkeye Stages bus bright and early to begin their trip to the state capital.  Upon arrival in Des Moines, the students spent time exploring the Science Center of Iowa where they saw exhibits including reptiles, created physics projects, and enjoyed an IMAX movie called Great White Shark.  A group of students even appeared on the KCCI noon weather broadcast!  After eating lunch, the day continued with guided tours of the Iowa State Capitol.  During these tours, the students were honored to meet State Senator Mary Jo Wilhelm and Representatives Darrel Branhagen and Todd Prichard.  Along with meeting our congressional representatives, the students were able to see first-hand how our state government works by watching both the Senate and the House of Representatives in action.  Following the tour, the students loaded up the bus and headed back to Turkey Valley.  Thanks to the generosity of the Turkey Valley Education Foundation, who funded the trip, and the MANY parent and community supporters, the students enjoyed an incredible day of learning!

On Saturday, February 27, 2015, the 6th graders participated in the Regional History Day contest at Decorah Middle School.  This year’s theme was Exploration, Encounter and Exchange in History.  They worked very hard and did an amazing job representing Turkey Valley on Saturday!  This fantastic group of students displayed Trojan Pride at its best!

Olivia Maklenburg created a wonderful performance called “The Dust Bowl:  Encountering Life in the Dirty Thirties.”  Great job, Olivia!

Morgan Boleyn’s performance was about how Europeans intentionally gave diseases to the Native Americans.  It was entitled “Disease and Catastrophe:  The Native American Encounter.”  Well done, Morgan!

Cambree Kruse created a website entitled “A Voice that Lives On:  The Story of Anne Frank.”  Check out her website at the following address:  87645097.nhd.weebly.com

Jesus Rodriguez and Lance Schmitt’s website was called “The Erie Canal:  An Encounter and Exchange With the West.”  Lance and Jesus received third place in their category!  Find their website at: 78261029.nhd.weebly.com

Josie Weber and Jalyssa Blazek created a website that teaches viewers about Title IX which gives men and women equal rights in education and sports.  Jalyssa and Josie were finalists in the junior division group website category!  Learn more at: 19010421.nhd.weebly.com

Dale Schwamman loves to race, so naturally, he created his exhibit about the history of NASCAR and its creator Bill France Sr.

Harley Baumler’s exhibit was about Adolf Eichmann, the man who came up with the idea to use concentration camps to exterminate Jewish people during World War II.  What a sad, but important piece of world history.

Collin Kleppe picked Jacques Cousteau, the famous ocean explorer, to research and create an exhibit about.  Collin was really interested in this topic!

May the force be with you, Rolin Schmitt!  His exhibit was about Star Wars.  If you want to know anything about Star Wars, ask Rolin!

Makeala Kime’s exhibit was about Herbert Hoover and the Commission for Relief in Belgium during World War I.  As an Iowan and a Quaker, Mr. Hoover felt it was his responsibility to help feed starving people around the world.  He did all this BEFORE he became president!

Logan Manderfield had a great topic with America’s Encounter with Polo.  Polio has been wiped out in the United States, but unfortunately there are still some countries where the disease still exists.

Brady Barta, Aidan Wemark, and Christian Cutsforth created a great exhibit about the Winnebago, the Neutral Line and Ft. Atkinson.  Thanks for researching an important part of our local history!

Austin Kuehner and Tayton Messler created an exhibit about Benjamin Franklin and his explorations with technology.  Mr. Franklin was an amazing scientist and inventor!

Olivia Drilling and Hailey Elsbernd’s exhibit took us from the prosperity of the Roaring 20s to the breadlines of the Dirty 30s with the Stock Market crash of 1929.  Hailey and Olivia were third place finishers in their category!  Great job, ladies!

Garrett Kurtenbach researched and presented an exhibit on John F. Kennedy and PT109.  What an interesting story!  If you do not know the of PT 109, check it out sometime or ask Garrett!

Kara Reicks’ exhibit entitled “Exchanging Aprons for Overalls:  Women During World War II” was a state qualifier!  Congratulations to Kara on this accomplishment!

Kara (middle) receiving her certificate and medal.

Congratulation, Kara,on such a great project!