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Ignacio Macías


Javier González-Soria

Managing Director

Jorge Andrés Cogollos

Investors Relationship Director

Juan de Dios Pérez Romero

Chief Financial Officer

Ignacio has a decade of experience as a venture capital practitioner, having secured 44 investment deals in early stage technology companies. During the past 4 years he has dealt extensively with all of the steps involved in a successful technology deal from screening and curating prospective opportunities,negotiating terms and closing deals with the technology startups, and then focusing on protecting and adding value to the investments made on behalf of the investors in his vehicle.

Ignacio founded Top Seeds Lab, a company awarded by the Madrid Stock Exchange and La Razon as the best accelerator in 2015 in recognition of its successful track record of increasing company valuations for startups that then continued on to complete their first and second periods of the investment vehicle. All of the investment vehicles offered through Top Seeds Lab were oversubscribed through the participation from some of the leading family offices in Spain.

Prior to this, Ignacio spent 17 years in management consulting with the past 11 years as an entrepreneur and founder of a consulting firm and his stake is currently being acquired by a multinational German Group.

Phd in Economics and Law. SEP, Stanford GSB. MBA. MAC. ROAC enrolled auditor. CIA. International spokesperson, entrepreneur expert in Travel, Digital and Connectivity. He has held relevant positions at Iberia, Eureka-Eurotourism, Google, Grupo Eurona Telecom or HofmannPhotobox, and launched startups as RODonline, ConnectedtoGo and Club Genteviajera.

Co founder of Top Seeds Lab, entrepreneur with broad experience in internationalization of companies, business development and funding for international projects, especially for internet projects. Startups’ mentor for investment founding. BBA, MBA IE Business School.

Over 20 years experience in business consultancy, founder and CEO of JP Tax Management Control. Co-founder  and mentor at Top Seeds Lab. Manager and founder at Consultoría de Fundaciones. Degree in Business and member of the Association of Economists of Madrid.

Marcela Larrad


Experience of over 10 years as a Head Hunter Consultant dedicated to the search and evaluation of C-level executives.

Major in English and Minor in Marketing and Communication, Human Resources Management Masters Degree.