Update—Feb 11, 2:50 pm—the petition has been delivered. Thanks to all who signed. If you still wish to sign a statement of support, you may do so here.

A list of supporters who added their names after the petition was submitted can be found here.

Whereas the UBC Board of Governors is required by law to act in the best interests of the University (BC University Act 19.2);


and whereas it has come to light that the Board has held secret, unannounced meetings of the Board, leaving no documentation of its activities;

and whereas Board members have formed secret ad hoc committees in which governance activities have been pursued without oversight and contrary to policy and procedural norms;

and whereas these committees and the Board have taken decisions or engaged in actions—such as declaring no confidence in the President with no formal review or input from faculty, declaring full confidence in the Chair after his role in interfering with a faculty member's academic freedom, interpreting fiduciary duty to the university as pertaining to donors rather than its faculty, students, and staff—that are not obviously in the best interests of the University;

and whereas the Board has declined to explain such actions to the University community;


and whereas, consequently, we faculty members in good standing at UBC find that we cannot know—indeed, we have strong reason to doubt—that the Board has been operating in accordance with its legal obligations to the people of British Columbia;

therefore be it resolved that the Executive of the UBC Faculty Association, as soon as possible, bring a motion to its membership expressing no confidence in the UBC Board of Governors.

Submitted to the UBC Faculty Association Executive 11 February, 2016.

Signed by these UBC faculty members:

(* indicates a request not to have the name publicly displayed; full names will be forwarded to the Faculty Association Executive Committee. V=Vancouver campus; O=Okanagan campus.)

  1. *Assistant Professor, Faculty of Arts
  2. *Assistant Professor, Faculty of Arts
  3. *Assistant Professor, Faculty of Medicine
  4. *Assistant Professor, Faculty of Medicine
  5. *Assistant Professor, Faculty of Science
  6. *Assistant Professor, Faculty of Science
  7. *Associate Professor, Faculty of Arts
  8. *Associate Professor, Faculty of Medicine
  9. *Associate Professor, Faculty of Education
  10. *Instructor, Faculty of Arts
  11. *Lecturer, Faculty of Arts
  12. *Sessional, Faculty of Education
  13. Ninan Abraham (Zoology, Microbiology & Immunology, V)
  14. Rafeef Abugharbieh (Electrical & Computer Engineering, V)
  15. Martin Adamson (Zoology, V)
  16. Ignacio Adriasola (Art History, Visual Art & Theory, V)
  17. Luis LM Aguiar (Sociology, O)
  18. Melania Alvarez (Mathematics, V)
  19. Jim Anderson (Language & Literacy Education, V)
  20. Omer Angel (Mathematics, V)
  21. Richard Anstee (Mathematics, V)
  22. Uri Ascher (Computer Science, V)
  23. Jehannine C. Austin (Psychiatry;Medical Genetics, V)
  24. Yossef Av-Gay, (Medicine, V)
  25. Leanne Bablitz (Classical, Near Eastern & Religious Studies, V)
  26. Patricia Badir (English, V)
  27. C. D. Alison Bailey (Asian Studies, V)
  28. Don Baker (Asian Studies, V)
  29. Stelvio M. Bandiera (Pharmaceutical Sciences, V)
  30. Nemy Banthia (Civil Engineering, V)
  31. Alasdair Barr (Anesthesiology, Pharmacology & Therapeutics, V)
  32. Martin Barlow (Mathematics, V)
  33. Eugene Barsky (Library, V)
  34. Trevor Barnes (Geography, V)
  35. Heinz Bauschke (Mathematics, O)
  36. John Beatty (Philosophy, V)
  37. Jon Beasley-Murray (French, Hispanic, & Italian Studies, V)
  38. Kai Behrend (Mathematics, V)
  39. Don Beith (Philosophy, V)
  40. Patrice Belleville (Computer Science, V)
  41. Michael Bennett (Mathematics, V)
  42. Jennifer Berdahl (Sauder, V)
  43. Lawrence Berg (Geography & Institute for Community Engaged Research, O)
  44. Sylvia Berryman (Philosophy, V)
  45. Allan Bertram (Chemistry, V)
  46. Doug Bonn (Physics & Astronomy, V)
  47. Courtney Booker (History, V)
  48. Michael Bostock (Earth, Ocean & Atmospheric Sciences, V)
  49. Dieter Bromme (Dentistry; Biochemistry; Molecular Biology, V)
  50. Mario A Brondani (Oral Health Sciences, V)
  51. Jim Bryan (Mathematics, V)
  52. Elliott Burnell (Chemistry, V)
  53. Sastry Bhagavatula (Anesthesiology, Pharmacology & Therapeutics, V)
  54. Dan Bizzotto (Chemistry, V)
  55. Michael Blades (Chemistry, V)
  56. Rik Blok (Integrated Sciences, V)
  57. Matilde Bombardini (Economics, V)
  58. Kellogg S. Booth (Computer Science, V)
  59. Geertje Boschma (Nursing, V)
  60. Katherine Bowers (Central, Eastern & Northern European Studies, V)
  61. Robert M. Brain (History, V)
  62. Fred Brauer (Mathematics, V)
  63. Susanna Braund (Classical, Near Eastern & Religious Studies, V)
  64. Alejandra Bronfman (History, V)
  65. Timothy Brook (History, V)
  66. Roger Brownsey (Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, V)
  67. Jennifer Bryan (Statistics, V)
  68. Miranda Burgess (English, V)
  69. Candis Callison (Journalism, V)
  70. Maxwell A. Cameron (Political Science, V)
  71. Robert Campbell (Education, O)
  72. Joël Castonguay-Bélanger, (French, Hispanic & Italian Studies, V)
  73. Maria Carbonetti (French, Hispanic, & Italian Studies, V)
  74. Mary Chapman (English, V)
  75. Kai M. A. Chan (Institute for Resources, Environment & Sustainability, V)
  76. Albert Chau (Mathematics, V)
  77. Timothy Cheek (Institute of Asian Research/History, V)
  78. Babak Chehroudi (Dentistry, V)
  79. Liane Chen (Zoology; Botany, V)
  80. Jinhua Chen (Asian Studies, V)
  81. Jingyi Chen (Mathematics, V)
  82. Matthew Choptuik (Physics & Astronomy, V)
  83. Keng C. Chou (Chemistry, V)
  84. Andreas Christen (Geography, V)
  85. Villy Christensen (Institute for the Oceans & Fisheries, V)
  86. Gordon Christie (Law, V)
  87. Kalina Christoff (Psychology, V)
  88. Lukas Chrostowski (Electrical & Computer Engineering, V)
  89. Laura Hurd Clarke (Kinesiology, V)
  90. Peter Cole (Curriculum & Pedagogy, V)
  91. James Colliander (Mathematics, V)
  92. Cristina Conati (Computer Science, V)
  93. Dan Coombs (Mathematics, V)
  94. Jon Corbett (Geography, O)
  95. Brett Couch (Botany, V)
  96. Lisa Coulthard (Theatre & Film, V)
  97. Eric Cytrynbaum (Mathematics, V)
  98. Rose-Marie Déchaine (Linguistics & African Studies, V)
  99. Arianna Dagnino (French, Hispanic & Italian Studies, V)
  100. Barbara Dancygier (English, V)
  101. Hugo De Burgos (Anthropology, O)
  102. Glenn Deer (English, V)
  103. Rita De Grandis (French, Hispanic, & Italian Studies, V)
  104. Shawn Desaulniers (Mathematics, V)
  105. Joy Dixon (History, V)
  106. Peter Dodek (Medicine, V)
  107. Michael Doebeli (Zoology, V)
  108. Stefan Dollinger (English, V)
  109. Simon Donner (Geography, V)
  110. Hadi Dowlatabadi (Science, V)
  111. Alan Doyle (Library, V)
  112. Madeleine Doyle-Waters (Centre for Clinical Epidemiology & Evaluation, V)
  113. Franck Duong (Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, V)
  114. Luciana Duranti (School of Library, Archival & Information Studies, V)
  115. Vincent Duronio (Medicine, V)
  116. Jason Ellis (Education, V)
  117. Kadriye Ercikan (Education, V)
  118. Shirin Eshghi (Library, V)
  119. Christine Evans (Theatre & Film, V)
  120. William Evans (Computer Science, V)
  121. Florian Faller (Central, Eastern & Northern European Studies, V)
  122. Brenda Fedoruk (Music, V)
  123. Margery Fee (English, V)
  124. Mike Feeley (Computer Science, V)
  125. Sidney Fels (Electrical & Computer Engineering, V)
  126. Mercedes Fernandez-Duran (Critical Studies, O)
  127. Erin Fields (Library, V)
  128. Kevin Fisher (Classical, Near Eastern & Religious Studies, V)
  129. Leonard Foster (Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, V)
  130. Kyle Frackman (Central, Eastern & Northern European Studies, V)
  131. Roger Francois (Earth, Ocean & Atmospheric Sciences, V)
  132. Adam Frank (English, V)
  133. James Frankish (Population & Public Health, V)
  134. Marcel Franz (Physics & Astronomy, V)
  135. Nancy Frelick (French, Hispanic & Italian Studies, V)
  136. William E. French (History, V)
  137. Diana French (Anthropology, O)
  138. Richard Froese (Mathematics, V)
  139. Sue Frohlick (Community, Culture & Global Studies, O)
  140. Michael Fryzuk (Chemistry, V)
  141. Bruce Fulton (Asian Studies, V)
  142. Melissa Funke (Classical, Near Eastern & Religious Studies, V)
  143. Mohamed Gadala (Mechanical Engineering, V)
  144. Nassif Ghoussoub (Mathematics, V)
  145. Brett Gladman (Physics & Astronomy, V)
  146. Eagle Glassheim (History, V)
  147. Mona Gleason (Education, V)
  148. Michael Gold (Microbiology & Immunology, V)
  149. Daniel Goldowitz (Medical Genetics, V)
  150. Julia Gordon (Mathematics, V)
  151. Sathish Gopalakrishnan (Electrical & Computer Engineering, V)
  152. Anne Gorsuch (History, V)
  153. Carolyn Gotay (Population & Public Health, V)
  154. Peter Gouzouasis (Curriculum & Pedagogy, V)
  155. David Green (Vancouver School of Economics, V)
  156. Mark Greenstreet (Computer Science, V)
  157. Michael Griffin (Classical, Near Eastern & Religious Studies/Philosophy, V)
  158. Laura Grow (Education, V)
  159. Paul Gustafson (Statistics, V)
  160. Stephen Gustafson (Mathematics, V)
  161. Jennifer Gustar (Critical Studies, O)
  162. Stephen Guy-Bray (English, V)
  163. Markus Hallensleben (Central, Eastern & Northern European Studies, V)
  164. Mark Halpern (Physics & Astronomy, V)
  165. Colleen Haney (Education Counselling Psychology; Special Education, V)
  166. Gunnar Ólafur Hansson (Linguistics, V)
  167. Sara Harris (Earth, Ocean, & Atmospheric Sciences, V)
  168. Leila Harris (Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality, Social Justice/Institute for Resources, Environment & Sustainability, V)
  169. Savvas G. Hatzikiriakos (Chemical & Biological Engineering, V)
  170. Christoph Hauert (Mathematics, V)
  171. Caroline Haythornthwaite (School of Library, Archival & Information Studies (iSchool), V)
  172. Jason Hein (Chemistry, V)
  173. Alfred Hermida (Journalism, V)
  174. Felix J. Herrmann (Seismic Laboratory for Imaging & Modeling, V)
  175. Nathan Hesselink (Music, V)
  176. Michael Hitch (Mining Engineering, V)
  177. Zakaria Hmama (Jack Bell Research Centre - IIRC Division of Infectious Diseases, V)
  178. George Hoberg (Forestry, V)
  179. Karen Hodges (Biology, O)
  180. Corinne Hohl (Emergency Medicine, V)
  181. William G. Honer (Psychiatry, V)
  182. Holger Hoos (Computer Science, V)
  183. Kathy Hornby (Library, V)
  184. Anita Hubley (Educational & Counselling Psychology; Special Education, V)
  185. Kurt Huebner (Political Science, V)
  186. Jonathan Ichikawa (Philosophy, V)
  187. Ilinca Iurascu (Central, Eastern & Northern European Studies, V)
  188. Tara Ivanochko (Earth, Ocean & Atmospheric Sciences, V)
  189. Eric Jan (Biochemistry/Molecular Biology, V)
  190. Tal Jarus (Occupational Science & Occupational Therapy, V)
  191. Juri Jatskevich (Electrical & Computer Engineering, V)
  192. David Jefferess (Critical Studies, O)
  193. Carrie Jenkins (Philosophy, V)
  194. Reinhard Jetter (Botany & Chemistry, V)
  195. Zhichun Jing (Anthropology, V)
  196. Harry Joe (Statistics, V)
  197. L. Johnson (Earth, Ocean & Atmospheric Sciences, V)
  198. Francis Jones (Earth, Ocean & Atmospheric Sciences, V)
  199. David Jones (Physics & Astronomy, V)
  200. Annamma Joy (Management, O)
  201. Daniel Justice (First Nations & Indigenous Studies;English, V)
  202. D. Vanessa Kam (UBC Library, V)
  203. Pam Kalas (Zoology; Botany, V)
  204. Vinay Kamat (Anthropology, V)
  205. Joanna Karczmarek (Physics & Astronomy, V)
  206. Lena Karlström (Central, Eastern & Northern European Studies, V)
  207. Kalle Karu (Mathematics, V)
  208. Deirdre Kelly (Educational Studies, V)
  209. Maureen Kendrick (Language & Literacy Education, V)
  210. Pierre Kennepohl (Chemistry, V)
  211. Leah Keshet (Mathematics, V)
  212. Thomas Kemple (Sociology, V)
  213. Young-Heon Kim (Mathematics, V)
  214. Ross King (Asian Studies, V)
  215. David Kirkpatrick (Computer Science, V)
  216. Alexei Kojevnikov (History, V)
  217. David Koslowsky (Management, O)
  218. Michael J. Krisinger (Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, V)
  219. Ljerka Kunst (Botany, V)
  220. Rachel Kuske (Mathematics, V)
  221. Christina Laffin (Asian Studies, V)
  222. André Lamontagne (French, Hispanic, & Italian Studies, V)
  223. Donna Lang (Radiology, V)
  224. Nancy Langton (Sauder, V)
  225. Cornelia Laule (Radiology; Pathology;Laboratory Medicine, V)
  226. Farid Laroussi (French, Hispanic & Italian Studies, V)
  227. Sean Lawrence  (Critical Studies, O)
  228. Celeste Leander (Botany & Zoology, V)
  229. Steven Lee (History, V)
  230. Louis Lefebvre (Medical Genetics, V)
  231. Carl Leggo (Language & Literacy Education, V)
  232. Marc Levine (Pharmaceutical Sciences, V)
  233. Fok-Shuen Leung (Mathematics, V)
  234. Dong Li (Mathematics, V)
  235. Yue-Xian Li (Mathematics; Zoology, V)
  236. Wolfgang Linden (Psychology, V)
  237. Keqin Liu (Mathematics, V)
  238. Jason Loeppky (Statistics, O)
  239. Tina Loo (History, V)
  240. Jennifer A. Love (Chemistry, V)
  241. Janet MacArthur (English, O)
  242. Colin B. Macdonald (Mathematics, V)
  243. Andrew MacFaralane (Chemistry, V)
  244. Alex MacKay (Radiology/Physics & Astronomy, V)
  245. Scott R. MacKenzie (English, V)
  246. Greg Mackie (English, V)
  247. Alan Mackworth (Computer Science, V)
  248. Mark MacLachlan (Chemistry, V)
  249. Jessica Main (Asian Studies & Institute of Asian Research, V)
  250. Brian Marcus (Mathematics, V)
  251. Greg Martin (Mathematics, V)
  252. Sandra Mathison (Education, V)
  253. Ashok Mathur (Creative Studies, O)
  254. Jaymie Matthews (Physics & Astronomy, V)
  255. Lisa Matthewson (Linguistics, V)
  256. Renisa Mawani (Sociology, V)
  257. Thibault Mayor (Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, V)
  258. Matthew M. McCarty (Classical, Near Eastern & Religious Studies, V)
  259. Shirley McDonald (Critical Studies, O)
  260. Siobhán McElduff (Classical, Near Eastern & Religious Studies, V)
  261. Joanna McGrenere (Computer Science, V)
  262. Brian McIlroy (Department of Theatre & Film, V)
  263. Lawrence McIntosh (Biochemistry & Molecular Biology; Chemistry, V)
  264. Janis McKenna (Physics & Astronomy, V)
  265. Parisa Mehrkhodavandi (Chemistry, V)
  266. Richard Menkis (Classical, Near Eastern & Religious Studies; History, V)
  267. Amy Scott Metcalfe (Educational Studies, V)
  268. Charles R. Menzies (Anthropology, V)
  269. Carl Michal (Physics & Astronomy, V)
  270. Don Moerman (Zoology, V)
  271. Robert Molday (Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, V)
  272. Christopher Mole (Philosophy, V)
  273. Joseph Monteyne (Art History, Visual Art, & Theory, V)
  274. Joshua S. Mostow (Asian Studies, V)
  275. Miguel Mota (English, V)
  276. Anne Murphy (Department of Asian Studies, V)
  277. Tamara Myers (History, V)
  278. Carla Nappi (History, V)
  279. Vin Nardizzi (English, V)
  280. Jo-Anne Naslund (Education Library, V)
  281. Peter N. Nemetz (Sauder, V)
  282. Natalia Nolde (Statistics, V)
  283. Bonny Norton (Language & Literacy Education, V)
  284. Tim F. Oberlander (Pediatrics, V)
  285. Juliet O'Brien (French, Hispanic, & Italian Studies, V)
  286. Harjot Oberoi (Asian Studies, V)
  287. Carl Ollivier-Gooch (Mechanical Engineering, V)
  288. Sharalyn Orbaugh (Asian Studies, V)
  289. Chris Orvig (Chemistry, V)
  290. Sally Osborne (Cellular & Physiological Sciences, V)
  291. Christopher M. Overall (Centre for Blood Research, V)
  292. Dinesh K. Pai (Computer Science, V)
  293. Catherine Pallen (Pediatrics, V)
  294. Judith Paltin (English, V)
  295. Catherine Pang (Anesthesiology, Pharmacology & Therapeutics, V)
  296. Anthony Paré (Language & Literacy Education, V)
  297. Leslie Paris (History, V)
  298. Sara Pashan (Central, Eastern & Northern European Studies, V)
  299. Daniel Pauly (Institute for the Oceans & Fisheries, V)
  300. Paul Pavlidis (Psychiatry & Michael Smith Labs, V)
  301. Jennifer Payson (Critical Studies, O)
  302. Brook Pearson (Classical, Near Eastern & Religious Studies, V)
  303. Anthony Peirce (Mathematics, V)
  304. Ed Perkins (Mathematics, V)
  305. Glen Peterson (History, V)
  306. Stephen Petrina (Department of Curriculum & Pedagogy, V)
  307. Srikantha Phani (Mechanical Engineering, V)
  308. Michael Pidwirny (Earth & Environmental Science/Physical Geography, O)
  309. Steven Plotkin (Physics & Astronomy, V)
  310. David Poole (Computer Science, V)
  311. Malabika Pramanik (Mathematics, V)
  312. Sebastian R. Prange (History, V)
  313. Jerilynn C Prior (Endocrinology, V)
  314. Douglas Pulleyblank (Linguistics, V)
  315. Maurice Queyranne (Sauder, V)
  316. Valentina Radic (Earth, Ocean & Atmospheric Sciences, V)
  317. Paige Raibmon (History, V)
  318. Sujatha Ramdorai (Mathematics, V)
  319. Catherine Van Raamsdonk (Medical Genetics-V)
  320. Alexander Rauscher (Pediatrics, V)
  321. Christopher Rea (Asian Studies, V)
  322. Andrew Rechnitzer (Mathematics, V)
  323. Ken Reeder (Language & Literacy Education, V)
  324. Margaret Reeves (Critical Studies, O)
  325. Ron Reid (Pharmaceutical Sciences, V)
  326. Shelley Reid (Classical, Near Eastern & Religious Studies, V)
  327. Ron Rensink (Psychology;Computer Science, V)
  328. Zinovy Reichstein (Mathematics, V)
  329. Stefan Reinsberg (Physics & Astronomy, V)
  330. Kerry Renwick (Curriculum & Pedagogy, V)
  331. Michael Richards (Anthropology, V)
  332. Alan Richardson (Philosophy, V)
  333. Harvey Richer (Physics & Astronomy, V)
  334. Andrew Riseman (Faculty of Land & Food Systems, V)
  335. Samuel D. Rocha (Education, V)
  336. Michael Rochemont (Linguistics, V)
  337. Patricia Rodney (Nursing, V)
  338. Christine Rogers (Chemistry, V)
  339. John Roosa (History, V)
  340. E. Wayne Ross (Curriculum & Pedagogy, V)
  341. Fabio Rossi (Medical Genetics, V)
  342. Robert Rouse (English, V)
  343. Susan Rowley (Museum of Anthropology; Anthropology, V)
  344. Henrik Rueping (Mathematics, V)
  345. Claudia Ruitenberg (Educational Studies, V)
  346. Hotze Rullmann (Linguistics, V)
  347. Bruce Rusk (Asian Studies, V)
  348. Dorin Ruse (Dentistry, V)
  349. Paul Russell (Philosophy, V)
  350. Maureen Ryan (Art History, Visual Art & Theory, V)
  351. Matias Salibian-Barrera (Statistics, V)
  352. Thomas Salumets (Central, Eastern & Northern European Studies, V)
  353. Kanchan Sarker (Sociology, O)
  354. Ralph Sarkonak (French, Hispanic & Italian Studies, V)
  355. Adheesh Sathaye (Asian Studies, V)
  356. Victoria Savalei (Psychology, V)
  357. G.A.Sawatzky (Physics & Astronomy, V)
  358. Andrew Scales (Continuing Studies ELI, V)
  359. Christian Schoof (Earth, Ocean, & Atmospheric Sciences, V)
  360. Bernard Schulz-Cruz (Critical Studies, O)
  361. Christine Schreyer (Anthropology, O)
  362. James Scoates (Earth, Ocean & Atmospheric Sciences, V)
  363. Anne Scott (French, Hispanic & Italian Studies, V)
  364. Douglas Scott (Physics & Astronomy, V)
  365. Judy Segal (English, V)
  366. Alla Sheffer (Computer Science, V)
  367. Anthony Shelton (Museum of Anthropology, Department of Anthropology, V)
  368. Gordon Semenoff (Physics & Astronomy, V)
  369. Donna M. Senese (Geography, O)
  370. Tsering Shakya (Institute of Asian Research, V)
  371. Leo K. Shin (Asian Studies/History, V)
  372. David Silver (Sauder; Medicine, V)
  373. Arlene Sindelar (History, V)
  374. Santokh Singh (Botany, V)
  375. Denis Sjerve (Mathematics, V)
  376. Gordon Slade (Mathematics, V)
  377. T’ai Smith (Art History, Visual Art & Theory, V)
  378. Kevin J. Smith (Chemical & Biological Engineering, V)
  379. Sean Smukler (Faculty of Land & Food Systems, V)
  380. Jozsef Solymosi (Mathematics, V)
  381. Kyungchul Song (Economics, V)
  382. Catherine M. Soussloff (Art History, Visual Art & Theory, V)
  383. Michelle Stack (Educational Studies, V)
  384. Philip C. E. Stamp (Physics & Astronomy, V)
  385. Sheryl Staub-French (Civil Engineering, V)
  386. Joseph Stemberger (Linguistics, V)
  387. Chris Stephens (Philosophy, V)
  388. Suzana Straus (Chemistry, V)
  389. Jackie Stewart (Chemistry, V)
  390. Robin Stoodley (Chemistry, V)
  391. Ian Stuart (Management, O)
  392. Rashid Sumaila (Institute for the Oceans & Fisheries, V)
  393. Catherine Swatek (Asian Studies, V)
  394. Nicholas Swindale (Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences, V)
  395. Steven Taubeneck (Central, Eastern & Northern European Studies, V)
  396. Stefan Taubert (Centre for Molecular Medicine & Therapeutics, V)
  397. Michael Tenzer (Music, V)
  398. Maria Teresa Maldonado-Pareja (Earth, Ocean, & Atmospheric Sciences, V)
  399. Chloe Tergiman (Sauder, V)
  400. Frank Tester (Social Work, V)
  401. Katja Thieme (ASRW, English, & Vantage College, V)
  402. Sunera Thobani (Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality & Social Justice, V)
  403. Coll Thrush (History, V)
  404. Sandra Tomc (English, V)
  405. Patricia Tomic (Sociology, O)
  406. Charlotte Townsend-Gault (Art History, Visual Art & Theory, V)
  407. Ricardo Trumper (Sociology, O)
  408. Tai-Peng Tsai (Mathematics, V)
  409. George Tsiknis (Computer Science, V)
  410. Robin Turner (Electrical & Computer Engineering, V)
  411. William Unruh (Physics & Astronomy, V)
  412. Michiel van de Panne (Computer Science, V)
  413. Filip van Petegem (Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, V)
  414. CDM van Karnebeek (Pediatrics, V)
  415. Mark Van Raamsdonk (Physics, V)
  416. Ludovic Van Waerbeke (Physics & Astronomy, V)
  417. Eric Vatikiotis-Bateson (Linguistics, V)
  418. Leah May Ver (Earth, Ocean & Atmospheric Sciences, V)
  419. Ilan Vertinsky (Sauder, V)
  420. Patricia Vertinsky (Kinesiology, V)
  421. Mark Vessey (English & Green College, V)
  422. Gerry Veenstra (Sociology, V)
  423. Steven R. Vincent (Psychiatry, V)
  424. Steph van Willigenburg (Mathematics, V)
  425. Alan Wagner (Computer Science, V)
  426. John Wagner (Anthropology, O)
  427. Jude Walker (Educational Studies, V)
  428. Jessica Wang (History, V)
  429. Shawn X. Wang (Mathematics, O)
  430. Michael Ward (Mathematics, V)
  431. Juncheng Wei (Mathematics, V)
  432. Dominique Weis (Earth, Ocean & Atmospheric Sciences, V)
  433. William Welch (Statistics, V)
  434. Brian Wetton (Mathematics, V)
  435. David P. Wilkinson (Chemical & Biological Engineering, V)
  436. Warren Williams (Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, V)
  437. Gail Wilson (Kinesiology, V)
  438. Martina Wiltschko (Linguistics, V)
  439. Bill Winder (French, Hispanic & Italian Studies, V)
  440. Geoffrey Winthrop-Young (Central, Eastern & Northern European Studies, V)
  441. Peter Winterburn (Earth, Ocean & Atmospheric Sciences, V)
  442. Todd Woodward (Psychiatry, V)
  443. Michael Wolf (Chemistry, V)
  444. Peter KH Wong (Pediatrics, V)
  445. Sheila Woody (Psychology, V)
  446. Lang Wu (Statistics, V)
  447. Peter Wylie (Economics, O)
  448. Elvin Wyly (Geography, V)
  449. Miu Chung Yan (殷妙仲) (Social Work, V)
  450. Elyse Yeager (Mathematics, V)
  451. Ozgur Yilmaz (Mathematics, V)
  452. Florence Yoon (Classical, Near Eastern & Religious Studies, V)
  453. Jeff Young (Physics & Astronomy, V)
  454. Ruben Zamar (Statistics, V)
  455. Michael Zeitlin (English, V)
  456. Dana Zendrowski (Chemistry, V)
  457. Hermann Ziltener (Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, V)

This petition is also supported by these former Faculty Association members:

  1. Ashok Aklujkar (Asian Studies)
  2. L. P. Belluce (Mathematics)
  3. George Bluman (Mathematics)
  4. David Boyd (Mathematics)
  5. David Brydges (Mathematics)
  6. Lawrence Burr (Medicine)
  7. S.E. Calvert (Earth, Ocean & Atmospheric Sciences)
  8. Betty Carter (Social Work)
  9. Afton Cayford (Mathematics)
  10. Janet Chantler (Pathology and Laboratory Medicine)
  11. Garry K C Clarke (FRSC)
  12. Julie Cruikshank (Anthropology)
  13. Marg Csapo (Educational and Counseling Psychology and Special Education)
  14. Keith G. Dawson (Medicine)
  15. Ivar Ekeland (Economics and Mathematics)
  16. John H.V. Gilbert (Audiology and Speech Sciences)
  17. Anthony Glass (Botany)
  18. Beverley R. Green (Botany)
  19. Priscilla Greenwood (Mathematics)
  20. Sneja Gunew (English and Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice)
  21. Susan R Harris (Dept. of Physical Therapy)
  22. Tineke Hellwig (Asian Studies)
  23. Muhammad Iqbal (Mechanical Engineering)
  24. Robert B. Israel (Mathematics)
  25. Joseph Jones (Library)
  26. Sultan Karim (Pharmacology and Therapeutics)
  27. Diana Lary (History)
  28. Maurice D. Levi (Sauder)
  29. Alan Lewis (Earth, Oceans & Atmospheric Sciences)
  30. Franco Lioy (Physiology)
  31. Ronald M. Clowes (Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences)
  32. Michael MacEntee (Dentistry)
  33. R.G. Matson (Anthropology)
  34. Patrick L. McGeer (Kinsmen Laboratory of Neurological Research)
  35. John H. McNeill (Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences)
  36. Vera Micznik (Musicology)
  37. Adam Morton (Philosophy)
  38. Dianne Newell (History)
  39. Joel Oger (Medicine)
  40. Daniel L. Overmyer (Asian Studies)
  41. Irving Ozier (Physics and Astronomy)
  42. Stanley Page (Mathematics)
  43. Colin Price (Dentistry)
  44. Valerie Raoul (French and Women's Studies)
  45. Dale Rolfsen (Mathematics)
  46. Lon Rosen (Mathematics)
  47. Richard S. Rosenberg (Computer Science)
  48. Kjell Rubenson (Educational Studies)
  49. Jon Shapiro (Language & Literacy Education)
  50. Bernie Shizgal (Chemistry)
  51. Paul G. Stanwood (English)
  52. Douw G. Steyn (Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences)
  53. Veronica Strong-Boag (Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice/Educational Studies)
  54. Richard W. Vedan (Social Work)
  55. Juhn A. Wada (Neurosciences & Neurology)
  56. Gordon A.H. Walker (Physics & Astronomy)
  57. John B. Walsh FRSC (Mathematics)
  58. Rabab K. Ward (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
  59. Norma Wieland (CENES)
  60. Bob Woodham (Computer Science)
  61. Alexander Woodside (History)
  62. James V. Zidek (Statistics)

This petition was delivered 11 Feb. 2016. If you would like to sign on to a statement in support of the petition, you may do so here. (That statement is open to all UBC students, faculty, staff, alumni, emeriti, and community members.)

This page is available at http://tinyurl.com/UBCResolutionFA.