BEST Grant Application form | 2017-2018
Deadline to submit via email: Monday, May 15th at 12pm

General Application Instructions:
Please fill out all components of this application to the best of your ability.  If you are a returning BEST applicant, in addition to answering the questions your responses should emphasize how BEST has facilitated growth opportunities for you and/or your organization. It is important to understand how you plan on continuing to grow and strengthen your project/organization through additional BEST funding (200 word maximum):

General information about your proposed project:

1.        What is the name of your BEST group and/or project name?
a.        Name of organization:
b.        Name of project:
General information about grant applicants:
1.        Who is the primary contact person for this grant application?
a.        Name:
b.        Title (i.e., student, staff, community organization):
c.        Phone number:
d.        Email:

2.        Who are the other grant applicants/team members, if any?
a.        Name:                         Year in Program:
b.        Name:                         Year in Program:
c.        Name:                         Year in Program:
d.        Name:                         Year in Program:
e.        Name:                         Year in Program:

3.        Who are your campus partners and/or community organizations that you will work in collation with to carry out your project?

a.        Name of Program/Organization:
b.        Name of Program/Organization:
c.        Name of Program/Organization:
d.        Name of Program/Organization:
e.        Name of Program/Organization:

Proposal Details

1.        Describe the campus climate problem that your project seeks to address (200 word maximum):

2.        With the preceding in mind, please summarize how your project will address this campus climate problem.  For returning BEST applicants, please describe how your BEST work has improved campus climate and how you will continue to engage in campus climate work.

3.        Describe your organization/project overarching objectives and the accompanying activities that your project team will undertake if funded (200 word maximum).

4.        Describe your targeted audience and/or community they are important to support as it pertains to campus climate (200 word maximum):

5.        Speak about the skills, knowledge, and networks that your team possesses to successfully complete your project (200 word maximum):

6.        Describe how your group will work with and/or involve other groups and organizations in project planning, decision making, and activities.  For returning BEST applicants also describe what new organizations/relationships have been established and how you will continue to cultivate those relationships (200 word maximum):

7.        Describe the anticipated impact your project will have on campus (200 word maximum):

8.        Once you accomplish your objectives for the 2017-2018 academic year, how much will your project cost to sustain? Relatedly, please explain how you wish to expand your project in the following academic year and what additional support you will need to accomplish your goals? (200 word maximum):

9.        Is there anything else that you would like us to consider when evaluating your proposal? (200 word maximum):



Instructions: we need to understand your budget needs for your application for the BEST grant. Please fill out this budget form so that we understand your major expense needs. Be sure to select a category for each budget item from the drop-down menu and include a total amount for your grant request at the bottom of this list.




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