Name: Jean Samuel        

Grade Level: 6/7

Subjects: ELA/History Makerspace

Driving Question: Begin with the End in Mind

What standard will be assessed during this unit?

VA Standards Of Learning


b) describing life in the New England, Mid-Atlantic, and Southern colonies, with emphasis on how people interacted with their environment to produce goods and services, including examples of specialization and interdependence;


The student will participate in and contribute to small-group activities.

 a) Communicate as leader and contributor.

 b) Evaluate own contributions to discussions.

What do you want the students to know? What do you want them to be able to do?

Students will be able compare and contrast the role of natural resources on economic development

Students will develop economic goods using natural resources they locate within the community.

Create your driving question. Turn what you want them to know and turn it into a thesis statement and then into a solve/invent/build/argue question (an ungoogleable question).

What role might preservation of natural resources play in promoting economic development?

Have you posed an authentic problem or significant question that engages students and requires core subject knowledge to solve or answer?

Create the Entry Event:

How will you hook your students? How will you capture their interest?

To set the tone, by displaying natural fibers and demonstrating how these fibres become yarn and craft materials.

Project Entry: Exploring Colonial Crafts as Economic Goods

Weaving, Woodcrafts, and Baskets video introduction via Colonial Williamsburg and Mount Vernon

Colonial Weaving

Samples of representations of early crafts via Mount Vernon Museum or Local Historian

Building Knowledge, Understanding and Skills to answer the Driving Question


Prior Knowledge Connection:

Students should understand how to read maps to determine relationships among landforms, water features, climatic characteristics, and historical events 

Identify and interpret primary and secondary source documents to increase understanding of events and life in United States history

KWL: Students create a KWHLAQ to find the NEED TO KNOW for the driving question. This will drive the research.  

Research and Collaboration: 

What research tool will you introduce to your students?

Students will be using the Arlington Public School approved databases via the school technology page. (Due to the strict technology rules in the district, I am limited as to which tools can be employed for this project) PiP 

How will you have your students keep track of their learning? How will they share their research with you?

Students will be using the Project Journal Folder created in the Google Classroom

How will you create collaboration?

Students can engage in collaboration via the Ask and Respond Slide Deck; and Explain Everything Whiteboard which allows for interactive presentations which feature video and audio syncing amongst groups.

Digital Citizenship:

What digital citizenship lessons will you teach?

Strategic Searching Lesson Plan

Strategic Searching Student Page

Develop and Revise Feedback:

How will you give feedback? How will students give feedback? What strategies will you use?

How will students showcase their work?

The students will participate in an April Showcase of their work to include a local craft fair held at school in late Spring. They students can display their products and share their research with community members

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