Pyxel Edit activation guide

  1. Purchase via Humble Widget

  1. Receive email with link from Humble

You will receive two emails, one with a receipt and one with a link to your Pyxel Edit page on the Humble Bundle website.

Check your spam folder and the Promotions tab if you are using Gmail.

If you don’t get the email try the humble resender here:, and if that doesn’t work contact

  1. Find the link to your license page on your Humble download page.

  1. Enter your details to claim the license and get your license page on (only first time, the next time you will be redirected instantly). On this page you can download the program and get your activation key.

  1. Copy the activation key from the page

The activation key looks like this:





  1. Download the program from your page on either Humble or

  1. Install or unpack the program

  1. Paste the activation key into the program when asked.

  1. Done!

Lost the link to your download?

Resend the link you your Humble page using this link:

Resend the link to your license page on using this link:

(you can also get here using the link on your Humble page)

If the above doesn’t work, or you forgot which email address you used, send an email to