Did you say: How can I help?  

Go ahead, give yourself a super hero name and slay something on this list.


  • Wash baby bottles
  • Empty dishwasher
  • Load dirty dishes
  • Empty out the trash
  • If you notice we are running low on something, please write that down on the shopping list.
  • Sweep the floor
  • Clear off/organize and wipe down the countertops and dining table


  • Make school lunches for the kids
  • Make something for mama to eat
  • Bring a meal; bonus for containers that can go in the microwave, are single serve and don’t need to be returned. Extra bonus for things that can be eaten one handed while nursing or otherwise tending to children.


  • Empty out trash
  • Swish and swipe (leave Chlorox wipes in bathroom)


  • Wash, dry or fold laundry
  • Empty the diaper pail (if disposable diapers are being used)
  • Make beds


  • Hold baby far, far away from mama so she can take shower, eat, sleep, cry in peace
  • Watch/take the older kids out

Other awesomely helpful things:

  • Picking up prescriptions
  • Target run
  • Returns/exchanges
  • Drop things off at UPS or USPS
  • Open boxes or shipments. Then make the stuff inside them magically go where they belong
  • Shopping (see shopping list)
  • Bring mama a glass of water and place it where she can reach it!
  • Send a card in the mail
  • Give flowers, gift card for mani/pedi or drybar
  • Make and bring a batch of lactation cookies (if appropriate)!
  • Water plants/ garden
  • If she has pets: walk the dog, scoop the cat litter box

What moms secretly fantasize about “help”...

  • If you see it needs to be done, please do it! And don’t worry about it how it’s done - I’ll love that it is done! Please don’t ask me how to do it.
  • I secretly fantasized about just that - someone arriving, taking the baby and letting me go to sleep.
  • Tell me there are many right ways to do things and that I’ve got this.
  • Write dictated thank you notes on my behalf.

  • (Add your own fantasy here too!)


This list has been crowd-sourced and feel free add your ideas!

Questions? Email Anjali Worah