What is this?

This is a google drive folder that contains all the slides, docs, and videos relating to the IoT meetup series based on mbed. Each meetup will have its own folder with the relevant documents.

How do I use this?

Select a topic you are interested in by folder name, for example meetup01 is an intro to mbed, meetup02 is getting started with BLE. Read through the doc if you want to learn the content to its fullest. If you want to present the content take a look at the slides and read all the footnotes. If you just want a brief overview check out the youtube playlist associated with each meetup. For general videos about mbed and the topics see the ARMmbed channel.

Due to an occasional bug with Google Docs we have provided all the presentations and documents in a pdf format for redundancy. If the docs appear to be corrupted please use the PDF’s instead.

Anything else?

There is a feedback form in the top level of the folder, please fill it out to give the mbed team some feedback.

Go build awesome and be productive,

-Team mbed


Meetup #1 - intro to mbed

This meetup is geared at getting people started with mbed. The slides are weak because the class is meant to be a hands on demonstration of how to load code onto the board, blink an led, change the led color and blink speed. The written documentation is incredibly strong though and provides step by step instructions on how to get through everything. The video playlist for this meetup can be found here. There is also a youtube livestream of the event.

Meetup #2 - getting started with BLE

This meetup is an introduction to bluetooth low energy. It covers the two basic forms the BLE uses, GAP and GATT. In this meetup we go in depth on how to use GAP for beacons and advertising, what standard services are, and how to connect to BLE services like the Heart Rate monitor. The Youtube Video Playlist covers how to build the GAP and URIBeacon examples. There is also a youtube livestream of the event.

Meetup #3 - advanced BLE - custom GAP/GATT

This meetup covers how to set up GAP packets, GATT services and characteristics, and how to use the data on the phone side with Evothings. The Youtube Video Playlist covers how to build the GATT Example. There is also a youtube livestream of the event.

Meetup #4 - going to production with BLE

This meetup covers going to production with BLE. Because of the fast paced nature of manufacturing, contract engineering, and the constant shift of the landscape this presentation is recommended to be given by a local FAE or Partner who specializes in the area. Likewise because of the constant shift the slides should be generated just before the presentation, so no documentation is provided for this meetup. Here is a youtube video of the event.

Meetup #5 - intro to connectivity

This meetup covers the basics of internet connectivity and focuses on the Berkeley Socket abstraction and sending/receiving TCP/UDP data. This is meant as an introduction to the fundamentals of how the internet works and will be built upon in the following meetups. This meetup is focused on Ethernet as the connectivity medium for simplicity. There is also a youtube livestream of the event.

Meetup #6 - intermediate connectivity : protocols

This meetup covers various protocols built on top of the Berkeley Socket abstraction. A short list includes HTTP, WebSockets, and MQTT. This class will briefly discuss each protocol and its use cases and have demonstration code for implementing each on mbed enabled microcontrollers. This meetup will use the ESP8266-01 WiFi module for connectivity. There is also a youtube livestream of the event.

Meetup #7 - advanced connectivity : API’s

This meetup will cover using API’s with microcontrollers. We will focus on using REST APIs and will interface with the If This Then That (IFTTT) API using GET and POST. The class will walk through how REST works, how to test with the web browser, how to test with cURL and how to implement using mbed. There is also a youtube livestream of the event.

Meetup #8 - Hack Night

A night for hacking and shenanigans where you bring your ideas, we bring some engineers, and we build awesome. No slides or documentation was made for this meetup as it was an informal hacking session.

Meetup #9 - Cloud Apps to Connector

We are going to cover how to create a basic application in the cloud and hook it up to a connector service. This meetup has completed but we are waiting to release the workshop materials so we can polish them a bit more. There is also a youtube livestream of the event.

Meetup #10 - mbed OS beta release

This meetup will cover the mbed OS beta release and yotta. The topics covered are still in beta form, so they are rough around the edges. This meetup will be very technical, so come learn and fail with us as we build a better ecosystem. Here is the youtube playlist for this meetup. There is also a youtube livestream of the event.

Meetup #11 - embedded device to cloud with mbed client

This meetup will cover how to connect an mbed board using mbed client  to the connector service at connector.mbed.com . We will be covering the basics of setup, connection, data viewing, and how the overall schema works. There is also a youtube livestream of the event.