The Paloma Project: Bringing Awareness to the World’s Human Rights Violations

The goal of this project is to spread awareness on a human rights violation that is currently happening in our world today. In groups of four, you will research a human right’s issue, use mathematics to create a poster that draws attention, and develop a visual and oral presentation to give to the school and the community in an exhibit.

Over the next two weeks your group will accomplish the following:

Research: You will conduct research on a human right’s violation of your choosing. Your research will need to include who is involved, how many people are affected, what is the root of this problem, and is there anything being done to solve this violation.

Poster: You will design a piece of art that gives viewers insight to your findings. This can include shedding light on the human rights violation or something that would inspire hope. You will first create your art on a small scale, then use mathematics to enlarge it to a size of a poster.

Your art should be eye-catching and meaningful.

Create a Display: To spread awareness of the human rights violation you will need to provide information to your peers and to members of the community. It must include what human right is being violated. This display can be in the form of a power point, a tri-fold display, or some other method of your choosing. Get creative with it.

Present what you learned to educate the community about the human rights violation that is going on in our world today during an exhibit next Thursday. This will also need to include 4-7 bullet points of facts to be distributed to viewers.

Become Aware of other human rights violations by recording facts presented by your peers.


Each group member will be a leader for some part of the project. Although you will all work together in meeting your goals, the leader will oversee his or her section and make final decisions if necessary.

The leadership roles are:

Group Leader: The group leader will oversee all aspects of the project and keep the group on task. This person should have a strong attendance record.

Lead Researcher: This member will lead the research and keep track of the resources and the authenticity of such sources.

Technical Advisor: This member will oversee the accuracy of the dilation of the poster.

Director of Advertisement: This member will need to ensure the final product for the exhibit is ready. Meaning, the poster, media, or other form of display are of quality work and aid in spreading awareness.