Baby Polar Bear Bath

DSC09017 (1).JPG

Created by: Heather Wells of Sweet & Savory Trinkets


Translucent Premo Polymer Clay

White Premo Polymer Clay

Black Premo Polymer Clay

Clay Roller or Pasta Roller

Liquid Polymer Clay Fimo Liquid Gel or TLS

Blue Powdered Food Coloring, or (similar color pastel, or Pearl Ex)

Small Ball Tool

Medium Size Glass Pebble

One Inch Round Cutter (optional),

Making the Tiny Bear

Step 1: Condition some white premo and roll it into the size balls pictured.  2 ears: 2mm balls, 2 arms: 3 mm balls, 2 legs: 4 mm balls, 1 head: 6 mm ball, 1 body: 8mm ball.

DSC09016 (1).JPG

Step 2: Shape the head into a rounded triangular shape, almost a short teardrop with an almost flat bottom.  make two small indents with your ball tool to form eye sockets.  take tiny amount of black and make two tiny balls for eyes, and on for a nose.  Place them on the bear head. Use the ball tool to make indents in the the ear balls, and flatten slightly.  Add the to the bear head.

DSC09033 (1).JPG

Step 3: Roll the body into a fat teardrop shape.  flatten the bottom slightly.  drag your finger down one side the clay shifting some of the clay downwards, this is the bears back and bottom.

DSC09034 (1).JPG 

Step 4: Roll the legs into long cones, and pull the bend the bottom of them carefully to form the bears feet.  Place the legs on the bear.

DSC09035.JPGDSC09036 (1).JPG

Step 5: Roll the arm into long cones and place them on the bear in an angle from the lower front of the body, up around to the top of the back.  trim clay, and smooth the top of the arms into the back of the bear.

DSC09037 (1).JPGDSC09038 (1).JPG

Step 6: Put a tiny bit of liquid clay on the bottom of the head, and attach it to the body,  Bake the bear according to manufacturer instructions.


Making the Bowl

Step 1: Roll out some Translucent Premo to 1mm thick, or a tiny bit thinner.  cut out a 1 inch round circle, and wrap it around the round part of your glass pebble.  Bake the pebble and clay according to manufacturer instructions.  Once the pebble is just warm to the touch take the bowl off the pebble.