DHMN Organizational Meeting

October 26, 2015

Call to Order

Present: Shane G., Mark F., Sim, Steve P., Bob T-Son, John McGrath, Mathew P., Jakob, Kristin M., Mike P.

Late arrivals:

Potential (past) attendees: Karl P., Tim B., Erin Q-L., Paul K., Dan Brunner., Tater, Jake K., Sara K.,  Ross L., Jason S.,

Approve Minutes

Moves to approve: Mark F.

Seconded: Shane G.


Treasurer's Report

See Oct 5 Meeting

Move to approve: N/A

Seconded: N/A



New Business

Shane proposed using the wiki for a space wishlist. Mark will add us as wiki users.

Sim wants to make a member photo board.

Shane motions that, if a current member refers a person who becomes a new member, both parties get half off for one month.

Seconded: Mark F.



Move to Adjourn: T-son

Seconded: Shane