Shan Liang

LIB 200

Design Plan

Statement of Purpose:

           My final project focuses on new American immigrants and helping them adapt to new life. America is a country of immigrants: every day thousands of new immigrant come to America from many other countries, as I did. For our new immigrants, they will meet various problems in daily life just as I did. The food, the weather, the language and the culture, all of them may be different from their home countries. Sometimes new immigrants feel helpless in this unacquainted country; therefor helping them in daily life is significant. This is also my motivation. In addition, last week was Thanksgiving Day and American should not forget that. Some people will ask “why we need to help and care new immigrants. The reason is obvious: most of us are immigrant except the Native Americans. Maybe you are not the first generation immigrant of your family, but the first generation must get the help from other people. We should continue to help new immigrants, then we will have stronger America. As President Obama said “No matter where we came from, what God we prayed to, or what race or ethnicity we were, we were united as one American family.” I also hope my project can affect all people, including new immigrant and native American. New immigrants should not give up to adapt to new life and American should not discriminate new immigrants.

In my final project, I gave my device the name American Assistant. It is an artificial intelligence device with a phonetic and image identification system. People can assemble it as  glasses or Bluetooth headset, so  it is easy to carry. American Assistant will help new immigrants to adapt to new life as soon as possible, and it can solve most questions that you meet in daily life. If it is a successfully designed product, I hope it will be spreaded to all over the world. With my device, new immigrants do not need to worry problems in daily life. If it is possible, the device can assemble in the mouth, it helps you communicate your mind. This will solve language problems mainly, because language problems are the most important one. As for the Media, I will use video and I also will show some pictures about the device. If conditions allowed, I hope to interview some new immigrant, listening to their opinions.

The Research Narrative:

           First I see links with the article “Un-terminated: The Integration of the Machines” by Jesse W.Butler . Butter says that “Intelligent machines are best understood as natural extensions of our own intelligence, rather than independent forces of their own. In fact, as some philosophers and scientists have argued, we can understand ourselves as machines, and even as cyborgs. Maybe our minds and bodies are best treated as biological machines, inextricably intertwined with the non - biological technology we produce”.(4-54)  Butler points that our bodies and minds are good enough, new immigrants can learn and study everything when they come to America, this was the situation for the first generation. We can use our unique bodies and minds to adapt to all new environments. However “intelligent machines are best understood as natural extensions of our own intelligence”. In other word when we use intelligent machines to help us, we can reveal stronger bodies and minds. It seems that we can learn some things faster. In my project, if a new immigrant uses my artificial intelligence device, they can solve problem easily and quickly. Butter also mentions that when device and human being “inextricably intertwined”, we can get the best product: I also agree this point. Although human being are smartest in the earth, we still need to be smarter. Only an intelligence device can help us to achieve this dream. Essentially, an intelligence device can make our life be easily. The second I link I found was from “American Android” by Scott Dexter. In his article he said, “the age-old drive to simulate human behavior artificially; the fantasy that the human body might be merely a container for the artificial not-quite-yet-more-than-human; the hope that mechanical bodily components might bring us greater control over unruly emotions and moods; and the utopic vision that the machine will, soon, allow us to replace and exceed the confines of flesh.”(4) It means our body may be a container, in the future we all are cyborg or we all have some machine parts in our bodies. Now we start to try to put some intelligence device into our body and mind. A mechanical can be stronger and smarter. We start to transform and rebuild human being. My idea is realizable, the bodies of us are bases and we put device into our bodies, and the device will help people think and speak such as my product American Assistant. This is the best and the most easy way to help new immigrant to adapt to the new life. In addition, the device also help people to control their emotions and moods. This is helpful for human being, and especially for new immigrants. They will not feel sad and stressed, and a positive emotion and mood is one of conditions that will help them adapt to new life as soon as possible.


Work cited

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