Important Notice   17/9/13

To all those who need to know and interested.

Late 2011, Spring and Summer 2012 - before we had put together that SIROP webs site, on account of the many protests to the many EU Institutions, African Union for a review and due accountability for that Historic Seychelles exile/refugee voluntary repatriation Program 1987.  Those in Bruxelles, Strasbourg and Paris  who were urging us to come and talk to them  - Including the African Union Representative in Bruxelles and Friends of Europe.

Between Seychelles Government, the EU Commission, Parliament and other EU Institutions the flow of communications, discussions and issues to certain extent relating to the above.

From Sechelles Seychelles prospective, it was many aspects of those issues ongoing  which  led to President JA Michel Historic invitation  of Mauritius -  PM Dr Navin Ramgoolam visit upon our National Day and Accord - Protocol.  Dr N Ramgoolam, the Leader of Opposition Mr Paul Beranger and other leading Mauritius politicians were/have been very aware of the debacles and issues too.  Not to exclude those in South Africa and African Union Office.

The question on our mind - the EU high officials, its institutions have very sophisticated resource to verify and monitor what we have been addressing for the past 21 years. Still,  for the greater public, the people of Seychelles and the region - including our Exile/refugee communities around the world to provide some more information in the form of a web site.

We decided to do this in October 2013, after PM Dr N Ramgoolam visit  to Seychelles and the Historic undertakings,  to include these  issues  in the SIROP website.

Beside - certain immediate impacts which we noted and addressed in Britain and Europe, the USA and Asia. We were very aware of the synergy, dynamic ot this Program and its ability to impact and drive important National, Regional and International economic issues. Though the British, USA, French and other International media outlets gave their own explanations as to why a give economic or corporate situation had suddenly changes, quoting World  Bank , IMF and EU datas - we knew they were not telling the truth.

Some six to twelve months, after the mega EU and EURO crises, addressed the ECB, other important EU officials, parliamentarians, those in Germany Bundestag and social Blog/forums - in deploying some of the monetary mechanism to counteract Market workings and Bail out, a great deal of the interventions particularly EURO Trillions to date would not have been necessary if those in Brussels, Strasbourg and the ECB had listen and paid more attention - given certain unique mechanism build in that program which had played and contributed to the ECU, the Fiscal Treaty and Central Bank setting up - beside whole host of related issues - we offered to contribute to the Cyprus, Greek and Italian Financial/economic crises - knowing that that program have such capacity to drive and make things work.

We have addressed President Bill Clinton, President G Bush Junior and other Officials in the USA about the workings, capabilities of this program to drive greater economic issues including the USA.

We have addressed and explained to the UN Institutions,  France  and the Francophonie, Russian Government, China, Australia, many High parties in Britain, India, South Africa, Gulf region nations - of the importance, uniqueness of this program and how it have affected important economic, social and democratic issues of the world.

From December 2012 given some 35 years of Europe and International corporate and economic workings experience, began  to see the impacts and influence of that Program/Web  site rebuild.

As of May/June 2013, the manner this website/Program had been synergizing and underpinning, drive a unique Synergy and this impacting many of France, Germany, Britain - former COMECON economic issues. As well as the USA.

It is important to note that in Seychelles Today we have representative of all Big Four Chartered Accountant Firms and the process of modern,  todays approach to economic accountability and such program and website impacts.  Hence they ought to have the expertise to qualify and quantify the statements we have been making.

There is an  important need to put a net worth on this program and associated workings in such a way the public and those with vested interests can understand and read.

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The percentage we, the exile and Seychelles contribute to USA, EU - Britain France Germany economic revival and Asia