My Grandad

John Hutchinson is my Grandad.  He normally has greasy and cracked hands thanks to all the time spent tinkering in his shed building and upcycling things for Nana and the Lions club, all from his extensive collection of paraphernalia.  

His face is worn and cavernous, he has balding grey hair and sparkling brown eyes, like muddy water.

He normally wears brown corduroy pants, a red and white checkered top and a green  jersey.

 Grandad usually talks about farming and people from Woodville, as he lived 60+ years there, but he is always happy to talk about what we want too.  He also lets us watch T.V and ride on his motorbikes and tractors, always giving us tips on how to ride safely!

Grandad is kind, thoughtful and loving even though he swears a lot.

Hamish Hutchinson