Yr7-8 Junior China Studies

Programme Description

The units in this course will introduce students to China, Chinese culture and the Chinese language (Mandarin).


Units will be developed by a NetNZ ‘China expert’ alongside homeroom teachers to tailor them to the needs and interests of students, and the curriculum needs of the homeroom teacher.

 Programme Aims

  • Get students interested in China and Chinese culture through fun and informative units.
  • Give students a taste of the Chinese language through listening to & speaking basic Mandarin words and phrases, and reading & writing basic Chinese characters.
  • Introduce students to some interesting and important elements of Chinese culture.
  • Build a desire in students to learn more about China.
  • Help students connect with real Chinese people and communities.

Course Description

Homeroom teachers will decide on the length of course they want to build with NetNZ’s ‘China expert’ teacher. Courses may range from single unit or even part -units, through to term or semester long programmes.

Courses will be cross-curricular and interdisciplinary, drawing on achievement objectives from a range of different NZ curriculum learning areas.

Required resources

  • Reliable online access
  • Projector or Large screen TV in classroom


Units will include pre-assessment, formative and summative assessment tasks

Homeroom teachers will decide on how much assessment they would like in the units, and will create assessment tasks with the help of the NetNZ teacher.




Simon Edmunds, NetNZ, based at Logan Park High School, Dunedin.

Email: simonedmunds@netnz.school.nz