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2006  Fewer longer lectures:

Secant Approximation  Applet:

Secant Approximation  Applet:


GRAPH FEATURES  - concavity etc

RIEMANN SUMS An integral can be approximated as a sum in many ways.

Online Differentiation Quiz  60 Problems

Online Intergration Quiz  60 Problems

Online graphing Quiz  60 Problems

Site they come from many more resources   - drills can be homework  Needed for some of the demos on the material above

Derivative  calculator

Integral Calculator     

Recommends this textbooks and video lectures - the calculus lifesaver

List with solutions

A better calculator tools

My Derivative Approximator

Khan Academy Practice Exercises

Drag each one of the 7 orange points up and down to adjust the slope of the corresponding tangent line.

Basic Power Rule Differentiation


Special derivatives practice   - cos , sin , etc

Chain Rule Practice

Product Rule

Quotient rule

L'Hôpital's rule

Khan’s Calculus Videos 

Many different online integration test  (need to sign up for answers)

Related Rates Notes:

Big Picture of Calculus

Integration Techniques