THANK YOU (and Jeans Day) to all teachers opening their classrooms for our JayWalk! 1.jpeg

#LHSJayWay Means:

At the start of the Plan Hour we will meet in 600 Conference Room (5 minutes)

Teachers will be visiting multiple classrooms (20 minutes)

Our Look-fors

Open Classrooms:



Come Visit During

What we are going to be doing




3rd and 7th

To Kill a Mockingbird “trial of boo radley”

E. Simpson


2nd and 4th

Book 19 of “The Odyssey” Graphic Novel and Vocab Activity





Interaction with the Text & Text Support (inner outer circle)




1st -3rd

German 2 ss will read a  book in the target language and play a FlipQuiz so I can check for reading comprehension.



5th & 6th

To Kill A mockingbird - Plickers (top of the hour, if you want to see how this works), Discussion circles




1, 2, 4-7

Students are preparing for their first tournament that starts Friday.





Students making anchor charts over chapter vocabulary




Hours 3, 5, 7 Lit Enhancement will be annotating an article; hr 2 AP Lang will annotate & discuss an article

Riedel and Anderson


LMC 360

1, 2, 4, 5, 6

Stop in and get a quick tour of the amazing new studios available for your students and ways the LMC 360 can support literacy!





This is my Digital Learners class, so I will have Jessica, Andy, and Cheryl’s kids with me. After about 20 minutes of typing warm up, we will read a story online incorporating shared reading, Open Dyslexic Chrome extension, and an audio version of the text for nonverbal students. We will play a Kahoot! To review what the kids learned.




Join us for a viewpoints reading where the class will be split between my room and the 600s conference room to read two different witness statements about a strike and then come back to defend their person’s side of the story.





Come and watch students prepare, produce, and create packages and the daily klhs show.


100 & the nest

6th & 7th

Students will be cooking in room 100, Following shut down procedures at The Nest and Recycling throughout the building

Chuck Zavos




LEAP will spend a little time reflecting on Monday’s business interviews as well as diving into the Odyssey.

Eniola Ajayi



4th - 6th

Students working on writing geometric proofs using previous vocabulary

Students working on a linear programming project, after learning the vocab needed

**I will also have samples of stories my students wrote about Conditional statements using the format of if you give a mouse a cookie**

Ryan Brewer/Jordan English


1st and 4th

Whiteboard review (nuclear symbol)

Guided reading activity (radioactivity)

Cheryl Sharkey

101 / 114


Check out strategies used to support learning in our Best Program

Zach Werner




Come see World History

Ron Ludwig


1-3, 5-7

Student moderated class discussion

Julie Miller



Graphic Design Student Critiques

Come back to 600 Conference Room and share what you have learned (10 minutes)

I noticed...

Now I’m thinking I might try...

Shared reading - 3 part - teacher read, student read, jeopardy game

Writing on the desk with expo

Reviewing first and then going into the reading - at first it seemed flipped but was an interesting way to apply the concepts to help guide

Students partnering to solve proofs

the information from the reading to connect to what they already knew

Reading projected on the whiteboard. Have various students read passages

Broadcasting - organization would be difficult, real-world opportunity - the communication level and vocabulary was impressive,

Vocab word walls!

Broadcasting - technical skills was so impressive - so many steps and they all seem to know their job

Using the LMC more… great space and resources

Debate - higher level thinking! Would be interesting to see how kids keep everything organized to be able to research and pull the points

Reading short passages to students

Fowler uses Word Walls, shared reading, and Kahoot!

Inside Outside circle for discussion

Meade uses cards for grouping kids

Student led discussion in Ludwig’s (GREAT STUFF)!

Students were engaged and excited about new terms

The review of material led into the reading

Vocab was posted and reinforced in class

Student led moderated discussion

Debate (prep for trny) - students were game planning, communicating with partners, discussing pros/cons of the issues, the amount of information was extremely high

Shared reading

Broadcasting (prep for KLHS) - students were exhibiting very high levels of communication (volume, vocab, amount)


Writing on the Desks

Engaged students, active participation, vocab displayed

Wide range in literacy abilities of different students at LHS

Literacy goes beyond literature comprehension

KLHS - real world opportunities for students to work in broadcasting. Communication, vocabulary, skills … all critical to the success of the KLHS show!

Hernandez - reading aloud while students take notes

Inside / outside circles allow for conversations

Shared reading in German (motions helped the non-german speaker succeed. Flip Quiz is a jeopardy like game used to determine comprehension

Students were engaged in high levels

Inner Outer discussion wheel. Students have scaffolded questions to help based on their level of readiness. Lively Spanish conversation!

Student run discussions where there were moderators and high levels of student accountability (with limited input from the teacher)

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