ocTEL Big Questions

as compiled by Tom Franklin, Franklin Consulting 


Question/ topic


Nigel Jones

how to evaluate the technology enhanced learning items/objects/methods before, during, and after implementation.


Wendy Wood

How can I help people engage, enjoy and learn effectively using TEL?

Sarla Gandhi

how can it [my module] be developed into a more effective teaching and learning medium to enhance engagement?

David Read

how technology, especially mobile devices, can motivate and encourage students to learn English outside of the classroom.

Maria Hacker

the technologies available and how they can best be used for student engagement.

Andrew MacLeod

ways to engage these reluctant professionals without alienating them.

Pete Richardson

What is the best way to help classroom teachers adopt digital materials and methods to improve their practice and the student experience?

Technology selection and effectiveness

Lynne Francis

what technologies are actually available, how do I use them, how are they beneficial for me to use as a teacher, and what are the learning gains for those I teach.

Barbara Wilford

how do we encourage academics to use appropriate technologies to support student learning and to enhance digital literacy?

Tracey Yeadon-Lee

I use a general VLE for my courses and in lectures I will often YouTube and radio podcasts. I think my big question is what else can I use and how

Mary Watkins

I'd like to know more about TEl outside of the VLE so academics and students aren't constrained by the features of the VLE.

 Bill Miller

[What is] the scope of the field

 Orla Daly

I can ensure that what I offer in terms of TEL initiatives/projects/suggestions is meeting the requirements and expectations of staff and students for an enhanced teaching and learning experience.

Maria Hacker

the technologies available and how they can best be used for student engagement.

Kari Rasmussen

How do we clearly identify who our student is, what responsibilities are they balancing and how to we best select and implement technology in a way that supports their learning and success in an educational career?

jamila osman

with the various technology that is being developed to enhance learning, how does the teacher determine whether teaching has taken place or not?

Quick wins

Sue Watson

I am really interested in quick fixes for teachers in formative assessment and would like to discuss how BTEC higher order grades can be assessed easily online. I think we need to get the assessment part integrated, which will lead to greater adoption by staff

Examples of good practice

Stephanie Bennett

I am really keen to learn and discuss more about best practice for implementing TEL both for campus and distance students – and also discover new and effective ways to encourage student learning through participation and interaction.

Elizabeth Charles

how TEL can be best used in teaching information literacy both face-to-face and via the VLE to support the self-directed independent learning of Birkbeck's mature students.

Evidence base

Donald MacLean

What do other practitioners find most effective in this field, why, and is there any research to back it up? I often find that research backed activity, and evidence, can be difficult to find.

Kate Simpson

Is the student getting a different quality of experience by not being in the same room as the teacher; and, does TEL justify its worth in terms of money and time?

Tom Franklin

To what extent is evidence informing practice in technology enhanced learning?



How do we promote ethical and robust content in online courses?

Understanding MOOCs

Lesly Huxley

I am hoping to learn a) what it's like to participate in a MOOC b) what innovations as well as the basics of TEL are 'out there' and peoples' experience of them and c) how others respond to the MOOC.

Tim Bones

to glean a wider understanding of OOCs and their workings

how, both as an educator and participant/learner, might I benefit from engaging in MOOCs?

Tom Franklin

To what extent will Moocs transform learning and educational institutions?

Effeciency and effectiveness

David Read

how technology can free up teachers’ time to focus on the more important things in the classroom.


gemma holtam

How can technology be embedded in to everyday teaching and learning to support and enhance the needs of dyslexic students as well as all of the other student in the class?

Pedagogic theory

 Bopelo Boitshwarelo

Is there a specific online pedagogy?

Rawad Hammad

how learning can be done through ICT?

I can’t classify


How do we build thinking content that seeps into society such that people start to revalue an enhanced and thoughtful version of themselves over the comfort and effortless state of general dumbness and pointless ammusement?

"Nortcliffe, Anne"

With Tablets sales exceeeding desktop/laptop sales, Ahmed (2013), what are implications for academic and student learning practice?  How are others embracing Post PC technology to enhance student learning? How others are encouraging their students to user their personal devices to support their learning?  Particularly as in our student population as smart device ownership has increased  the useage of smart devices for learning appears to have narrowed, to an expensiving surfing tool (Woodcock et al 2012c).    How do we engage our learners to utilise their smart devices and apps more effectively to develop and deepen their learning

Simon Bates

How can we fill the void between the need to co-create TEL work with educators and the needs of large (and mainly necessary) central administration systems?’

Janet Holmes

How can I enable learners to learn as they want to? It could be How can I learn what I need to do that! Maybe it should be  How can I get the trainees to teach each other?

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