N° 19 ‐2013 ‐ Roissy, Juin 2013

A € 400,000’s mistake, there is a lot of waste at Air France...

On 5 June, the Canard Enchaîné published an article that would have made us laugh if we were not embroiled in full social turmoil following the ongoing implementation of Transform'2015, the biggest social plan in the history of air France.

Thus, Air France had a wonderful tourist promotion agreement with the President of Gabon, Ali Bongo. We have reproduced the article, fasten your seatbelt and get your vomit bag ready, guaranteed disgust...

"A simple censorship and of Bongo: The last whim of Ali Bongo, who succeeded

"Democratically" to his dad at the Presidency of the Republic of Gabon in 2009, has cost the

whopping € 400,000 to Air France. The airline had, in fact, decided to give him a gift: a long article, richly illustrated, extolling the tourist attractions of the capital, Libreville. Report published in the April issue of "Air France Magazine", the glossy magazine slipped into the folder of each passenger’s seat.

One of the pictures showed two consumers reading their newspaper, sitting at a sidewalk cafe. A false air of Saint-Germain-des-Prés in the tropics, likely to attract hipsters looking for a reasonable change of scenery.

But in early April, when Bongo discovered on a computer screen, the test article, kindly sent by the company, he became very angry. Both consumers immortalized at the café were - dreadful blunder - absorbed by the reading of the "Echos du Nord", an opposition weekly, printed at 35,000 copies. The autocrat thinks it's 35 000 too many.

The Gabonese presidency required immediately that this provocative picture disappeared. Too late: 400 000 copies had already been printed. But Bongo insists. And, in all independence, Air France sent to the shredder 400 000 copies of its luxury magazine. A second printing - 1 euro per copy - was immediately performed ... without the detestable illustration. On glossy paper? »

This waste confirms if need be, the sad management of our company. On one side it is the "Titanic", on the the other it is "The Love Boat".

…400,000 boos from the 50 000 employees…