2015/16 Competition Reports

AGM - 3rd August 2016

Congratulation to all the winners at last nights Prize Giving, Year long Club Competition

1st Gavin Logan 5 Species, 465mm Snapper, 605mm Kahawai, 360mm gurnard, 370mm Trevally, and a 180mm Squid
2nd Keith Emmerson 4 Species, 535mm Snapper, 540mm kahwai, 460mm John Dory, and a 450mm Trevally.
3rd Dean Mansell 4 Species, 450mm snapper, 510mm Kahwai, 410mm Trevally and a 610mm Tuna.

1st Place- Gavin Logan               2nd Place - Keith Emmerson        3rd Place - Dean Mansell


Individual species winners

Squid  - Gavin Logan 180mm

Tuna  - Dean Mansell 610mm
Blue Cod - Marc Graham 385mm

Kahawai -  Gavin Logan 605mm
Gurnard -  Daryn McAnally 400mm
John Dory -  Keith Emmerson 460mm
Kingfish -  Stuart Hill 850mm 9.5kg
Trevally -  Keith Emmerson 450mm
Snapper -  Paul Walsdorf 790mm 9k

Kingfish - Stuart Hill                    The Committee



#1617 Rawhiti

Here is a great personal trip report from Nick, http://www.kayakfishingnz.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=21682


#1616 - Army Bay

WOW, talk about a day out of the bag!, super cool to start (2-3deg) , but no wind and a lovely sunny day to follow...doesn’t get much better in July!

However, as wonderful as the calm day was it was hard going fishing wise, the results show only a few caught anything, with the most significant being Gavin getting another Kahawai and the biggest so far this year, on a roll now!, well done Gavin.

We had some new people out there today which was great and thanks to Gavin for helping out.

Also need to mention those who looked at the ice on the car window or even on the kayaks and decided not to go, harden up men, it was awesome.

One person had an interesting morning when they were launching and realised they had forgotten to bring a certain key part of the kayak...no names...we have all been there...well done to your daughter for driving all the way with said item...

Nice day on the water, thanks for those who turned up


#1615 Martins Bay

No report from the trip  :(


#1614 - Sunkist

Another amazing Auckland day, no wind, pond like water and some good fishing, what more could you ask for? Thanks to Carl for looking after a couple of new guys, perfect conditions to be getting out when you are new to Kayak fishing.

The average Snapper winner was 450mm which shows that whilst there wasn’t a lot caught they were good size.

Great to see so many out enjoying the good weather and fishing together, something Kayak fishing is great for!


#1613 - Orere Point

WOW, amazing conditions today, flat and calm all day, Kahawai everywhere which was fun and helped fill the bins but it did get frustrating trying to get the bait to the bottom for Snapper.

A little bit of rain but otherwise a magic day on the water, great to see a good turnout from club members with the added bonus of a barbeque at the end.

Nothing spectacular caught, however, of note is the fact everyone caught Kahawai, even Gavin!

WIth that Kahawai Gavin moves into the lead with 5 species, well done!

Thanks to Carl for organising the Barbecue


#1612 - Jones Bay

Again we were lucky with amazing conditions for our second trip this year to Jones Bay, some of us started early, it was dark! This meant leaving Auckland at 3:30am to hit the water at 5am….I don’t know who’s idea that was but they need to seek help…:)

Fishing was patchy, some of us caught loads of Kahawai and others none, best effort of the day goes to Dean for his long paddle which resulted in two new species for him, a trev and Tuna, well done ! this moves Dean up onto the leaderboard for the first time.

The king tide made for large water movement which gave some guys a hard paddle home, if fair ripped through there as soon as the tide changed.

A nice 625 Snapper to Craig rounded out a pretty good trip over the bridge, we finished as the rain came down.


#1611 - Kaiaua

Some good Snapper boys, new leader today with Sam finally getting a Kahawai which pushed him to 4 species along with Gavin.


#1610 - Rawhiti - 25-28/03/16

Day 2 - Combined club competition day and team day.z

Day 1  - of the competition was conducted in great conditions, the expected swell didin’t eventuate however it was flat calm and warm, this didn't help with the fishing. Five different species caught, with most guys hitting the water early, however one hit the spa pool!...clearly a well thought out strategy for winning, or not.We suspect there may be a few species in the spa that are not on the clubs list. No news yet on who took out the worst snoring prize. With Gavin Logan picking up a fourth species this moves him into the top spot, with another comp day tomorrow who know’s how long he will remain in top spot!


#1609 - Sullivans Bay 6/3/16

Absolutely awesome conditions, it was like a milk pond out there, with work up’s all over the harbour...unfortunately mostly small snapper caught, although a few near misses...Ali got a Kingi to the kayak but lost it…..and Stephen caught a 560mm Kahawai which was tantalisingly close to the competition leader in that species at 570mm…..bad luck Stephen and Ali.

Stuart managed to bag a third species which moves him to leader in the competition...although the Kahawai entered needed to be confirmed as it looked very similar to a tadpole…:)

We had a few different (and hopefully new) members out today, so maybe we will try the facebook event idea again.

Beautiful conditions, amazing area..just a shame the fishing wasn’t as great as the location

Largest Snapper - Gavin Logan

Largest Kahawai - Stephen Moore

Average Snapper Winner - Robert Burton

Many thanks to Stuart and the team at http://www.marine-deals.co.nz/  for the trip prizes


#1608 Omana - 21/02/16

We were planning to go on Sunday, however the weather was risky and with a perfect Saturday predicted it was decided to change days.

Conditions couldn’t have been better, with a small group heading out at just after 6am.

Fishing was slow but there was some good snapper caught, plus kahawai and a Gurnard..! with Mr Consistency bagging the largest snapper...well done Wilson….However..the less said about the largest Kahawai the better..:)

Largest Snapper - Wilson Ramsey

Largest Kahawai - Wilson Ramsey

Largest Gurnard - Gavin Logan

Average Snapper Gavin Logan


#1607 Waitawa - 13/02/16

Saturday trip changed from Omana at the last minute due to power boat racing off Beachlands

Good turn out for a beautiful area which has lots of potential however sometimes doens’t deliver.. Weather was perfect all day, however the fishing wasn’t. Most fishers caught fish but nothing spectacular, The club ran a Barbeque with Mussels as well from the area collected by John.

Largest Snapper - Keith Emmerson

Largest Kahawai - Wilson Ramsey

Average Snapper - Paul Walsdorf


#1606 Orere Point - 23/01/16

Another good turnout for our regular spot, a few dramas with a newbie who hired a kayak...but he survived so all good.

Largest Snapper - Andre Hattingh

Largest Kahawai - Craig Moore

Average Snapper - Paul Walsdorf


#1605 Jones Bay - 16/01/16

Great turn out for this “away” trip, with 18 members making the trip, weather was stunning, some long paddles were done but only certain people with local knowledge really got into the snapper and with the first Kingifish caught on a club trip, it was a memorable day...A number of different species caught which changed the competition leader. Great area and we will definitely do this again.

Largest Snapper - Stuart Hill

Largest Kahawai - Craig Moore

Largest Kingfish - Stuart Hill

Largest Trevally - Keith Emmerson

largest Blue Cod - Carlos Ortega


#1604 - Orere Point day trip interclub with NSKFC - 31/10/15

Awesome turnout with 30 members registering for this club day (Largest turnout in club history??), EAKFC put up the prizes and a barbeque for all at the end, the weather was perfect, the water calm  and the fish biting early, most caught a few with mainly snapper being caught and only a couple of Kahawai and one gurnard rounding out the species...and no jellyfish didn’t count..

It was great to meet the guys from NSKFC and show them around our turf, we look forward to heading over the shore one day for a return challenge.

Notable events today included one kayaker sinking(or at least filling with water), this required rescuing from a friendly boat to get him back to the beach, a lesson there if you are getting something like a fish finder fitted, check it out before heading out to make sure it isn’t leaking….the other notable event was the huge 710mm snapper caught by Craig, unfortunately club rules meant there was no prize for this incredible catch!!


Papa Aroha Weekend Trip

#1603 Papa Aroha 16/10/15

A great if Windy weekend away! Some keen lads arrived on Friday but didn’t end up fishing at Papa Aroha as it was to windy( some think this was karma for posting pictures of them heading to the beach while the rest of us were working), instead they tried over at Kennedy bay…

Saturday was windy again so we all drove over to little Bay on the east side , wow what an amazing place, it looked calm enough when we started off but as soon as we got past the shelter of the land it was fair blasting through….we kept going though because we are from the EAKFC!...The structure and sign was amazing, so it was a shame about the weather, most of us ended up a few bays down where there was some shelter...it was a nice spot with plenty happening although there was a bit of “Spot Poaching” going on…

Prizing giving on Saturday Night followed a barbeque kindly cooked by Carl and Aaron, Rob Fort gave a talk on the Mothership trips he is running from Te Kuma to the Barrier. An enjoyable evening was had by all.

Sunday was the best weather yet, with most of the fishers heading out off the beach, Paul caught a very nice 790cm snapper, Daryn and Rob headed over to the island for a bit of exercise...a couple ventured to the spot Rob Fort recommended the night before...which was short drive north...and managed to catch a few nice size snapper.

We all returned to the campsite Sunday lunch time due to the wind picking up, with most people heading home after packing up tents etc.




!st         Anthony Allwood        630mm

2nd         Daryn McAnally        475mm

3rd         Paul Walsdorf                470mm

4th        Arama Framhein        465mm

5th         Ryan Meynell                455mm


1st        Stephen Moore        460

2nd        Daryn McAnally        420mm

Blue Cod

1st        Sam Tai Tin                360mm

2nd         Craig Moore                335mm

Sunday (Snapper no prizes)

Paul Walsdorf                790mm

Craig Moore                650mm

Marc Graham                565mm

Stephen Moore        420mm

No other species weighed in Sunday


# 1602 - Sullivans Bay - 19/09/2015

Great turn out on the wekend with 15 club members having a go at this beautiful spot, the weather was ok, a little bit of rain but nothing to worry about, the water was smooth as with little wind...i.e. perfect. With the good conditions some people paddled around the islands looking for school fish or workups but it was a pretty quiet day. Results below, water still cool but great to be out again.



1st         Daryn McAnally        500mm

2nd        Marc Graham                440mm

3rd        Craig Moore                435mm


1st         Rob Haworth                310mm

2nd         Craig Moore                285mm


1st         Gavin Logan                180mm


#1601 - Maraiti - 23/8/15



1st                 Nick Ward


1sst                Wilson Ramsey

Gurnard        Daryn McAnally

Average Snapper winner                John Perau