What do you See?


What do you think?

A dog being syco

 That he had super juice and that made him crazy

Story Writing

Write a short story conversation between the dogs in the photo.

Once there were two dogs called Jo and Jimmy. One day Jo and Jimmy went to Countdown with there owner,Micah to get some food. THEN suddenly Jo saw some Super Juice and convinced Jimmy to come with him. So they got the bottle and bit the lid off and they drank it so fast and loud that it sounded like a V8 supercar revving up its motor. Micah yelled so loud that everybody heard it that was in Countdown. Out of nowhere came Jo springing up into the air higher than Micah with his tongue out slobbering hard out on Micah. Micah was soooooo embarrassed that he bought his stuff and ran out the door with Jo and Jimmy. When he got home he unpacked and slept on the couch.