Washburn University

Department of Education

The Reflective Educator

Master of Education Degree Program

Building Leadership P-12

Core Courses:  The following 15 semester hours are required:

_____ ED 672 Issues in American Education (3)


_____ ED 694 Philosophy of Education (3)

_____ ED 685 Issues in Educational Technology (3)


_____ ED 682 Leadership in Educational Technology (3)

_____ ED 665 Introduction of Education Research (3)

_____ ED 668 Curriculum Development and Evaluation (3)

_____ SE 610 Learning & Behavior Problems (3)

Area of Concentration: A minimum of 21 semester hours to include the following: electives or substitutions must be approved by the Graduate Program Advisor, the department’s Graduate Program Committee and the Chair of the Department.

_____ EA 681 Basic Concepts of Educational Administration (3)

_____ EA 683 Supervision and Staff Development in Schools (3)

_____ EA 684 School Finance and Business Administration (3)

_____ EA 686 School Law (3)

_____ EA 689 The Building Leader (3)

_____ EA 692 School Community Relations (3)

_____ EA 694 Practicum in Educational Administration (3)

This 36 hour program and completion of required Capstone Experience leads to a M.Ed. in Building Leadership. Successful completion of the ETS School Leaders Licensure Assessment test and a KSDE licensure application lead to an Initial School Leadership License.


Licensure Only Program

The “Licensure Only” program has the same admission requirements as does the Master’s Degree program.  This includes a satisfactory score on an acceptable Graduate Admissions Test of your choice.  Any variance from these requirements must be approved by the Graduate Admissions Committee.




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