What are students saying about CABARRET?


“I can feel the burn! No wonder dancers have such great bodies!”- Jessica, Miami

What will your clients say?

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What are Instructors saying about CABARRET?

“..the certification is one of the most important things I did as a dancer.”- Andrea, Miami

CABARRET dance fitness classes are equal parts graceful and seductive-

be confident in your body as you dance, tone, and stretch your way to FIT.

Class structure:

½ Ballet Barre 

Work at the barre translates to toned thighs, a lifted booty, tight abs & sculpted arms. Includes a stretch section for flexibility and balance.

½ burlesque dance

for calorie-burning & fat-blasting cardio. Students leave class with a complete routine that is fun & sexy!

Nicole LaBonde- creatrix & Masterinstructor of CABARRET.

Nicole is a professional dancer & actor. she holds a BA in Dance & is a certified Pilates Instructor in the prestigious Romana’s Pilates organization.

With over a decade experience teaching dance & fitness, Nicole Knows people stick with an exercise program for 2 reasons:

Enjoyment & Results!

She combined her love of vintage jazz & ballet & her passion for fitness to create CABARRET, A perfect blend of sultry jazz & calorie-burning, muscle-sculpting movement.

How does cabarret Benefit your members?

*Real Results-Visible progress, Guaranteed in just 4 weeks!

 *Burn fat with hot dance moves.

*Sculpt the long, lean muscles of dancers through resistance training.

*Easy-to-follow choreography, with challenging variations for advanced dancers.

*Changing choreography keeps clients interested and coming back for more!

*Improve overall fitness-  muscle building, cardio fitness & flexibility, as well as coordination & balance!

*Move & feel like a dancer, even if you've never taken a dance class before!


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A perfect blend of sultry jazz and calorie-burning, muscle-sculpting movement.

A new dance fitness class, for all shapes, sizes and experience levels, incorporating the discipline and elegance of ballet with the sexiness of burlesque.