FSRC Officer Nomination Process
version 1.1, August 17, 2014

Nominating Committee Formation

The executive board assembles the nominating committee and identifies a committee chair to lead the process.  The committee should have a solid understanding of the mission of the club, and the roles/responsibilities of the officer positions.  Ideally, members of the nominating committee are active in the club and are acquainted with other active members who are likely to be candidates.
Members of the nominating committee must be members of the executive board (past presidents & current officers) or active club members who have served as officers in the past.
The nominating committee should be made up of at 3-5 individuals.

Officer Recruitment and Election

  1. Identify individuals with desired characteristics/skills for the open officer positions.
  1. The nominating committee and other members of the current board may make recommendations.
  2. A call for nominations from the membership will supplement this list of possibilities, and may identify additional interested candidates.  
  3. Nominations should be accompanied by a brief statement of the candidate’s interest in serving the club, and any applicable skills.
  1. The nominating committee, over the course of one or more meetings, develops a slate of candidates – one per open officer position.  During the course of the selection, the nominating committee should approach the candidates under consideration to confirm their interest and ability to serve, and to ask any questions that may aid the committee in developing the slate.
  2. The slate of nominees, along with brief statement about each candidate is communicated to the membership (ahead of the annual meeting)
  3. At the annual meeting, the slate is presented to the membership, a call is made for additional nominations from the floor, and a vote is orchestrated.

Other considerations