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Dil Johal                 Jessica Roopchand ►
Dil & Jessica are hard workers and because they are quiet are not always recognized for being stand out performers. Special thanks to Dil for posting the Announcements on westhillci.ca.





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Student of the Month for February


Bhavjeet makes extra effort to help in the kitchens. She is focused in class and dedicated to completing her work on time.  Paige is a dedicated, hard-working co-op student and helps create a warm and welcoming classroom environment.


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Past Students, text and pictures for reference/example:

Yoga S. is a role model for the other students. Yoga signed up for the Terry Fox Run running the entire 5km without stopping and volunteered her time handing out refreshments to runners at the Oasis 10km Zoo Run.  

Our Students of the Month
◄ Kitty Kong & Shulana Monah ►

Shulana and Kitty have shown exceptional commitment to their academics and have inspired others to do better. Both these students manage to balances school/home/extracurriculars with grace and ease.


◄ Elizabeth Kermath

Ms. Burke and the selection committee chose Elizabeth as our Student of the Month for her great leadership and assistance in maintaining the art room and her valuable contributions to the West Hill Art Club.