Title of Position:                                                      Continuing Education Units Coordinator

Member of Board:                                                   No, RECAMFT Committee Team

Attendance at Board Meetings:                   Yes

Length and Timing of Term:                          Open

The ability to offer continuing education units is an important asset for the chapter.  It enables us to attract clinicians to our meetings which increases membership.  It also makes it possible to put on workshops that bring in the money to keep other chapter activities funded.  The BBS requires that a provider of CE units maintain records for four years.  These records include the following:

1.           Syllabi for the presenter(s)

2.           Time and location of the presentation/workshop

3.           Advertisements  (these first three can be found on the first page of the newsletter or on the flyer we use)

4.           Instructors’ vitaes/resumes (get from programs chair or conference chair)

5.           Attendance rosters with the names and license numbers of all licensees who attended

6.           Sign-in sheets

7.           Records of course completion issued to licensees who attended


The Administrative Consultant sets up the sign in sheets, prepares the certificates, and supplies the evaluations.  The Continuing Education Units Coordinator is in charge of seeing that the required materials are collected into a folder and placed into the file box in the storage space.



At the start of the meeting, when introducing yourself, remind attendees to sign in if they are intending to get Continuing Education Unit certificates today and take evaluation forms


Note: AS OF OCTOBER 2015, SOME OF THESE DUTIES WILL CHANGE BECAUSE THE BBS WILL NO LONGER BE GRANTING OUR CEU PROVIDER #; CAMFT WILL. Under the new structure, requirements will be more strict, and closer to the APA guidelines for providers.