Belt Task List

A generic white belt is achieved by attending five Coder Dojo sessions in a term. The following lists the tasks that have to be completed to obtain yellow belts, and green belts higher belt levels will be added in following terms.


A yellow belt should be achievable for those who have attended previous Coder Dojo Stencyl sessions or for those who can self-learn in Stencyl after being introduced to it at the coming Coder Dojo term.  

Yellow Belt Task List: Goal To install and get started with the basics of Stencyl

Green Belt Task List: Goal To complete a basic project involving audio and imported images

Blue Belt Task List: Goal To begin custom coding and create a medium level project

Brown Belt Task List: Goal To create a large project and demonstrate overall knowledge of Stencyl and making a game available for public use


(Design your own class and lead it) *aid in leading class if required*

Black Belt Task List: Goal Research and demonstrate and un-thought technology