Genius Hour TED Talk Planning Form

The main presentation should be about 5 min long.

Requires an effective and refined script and delivery-

Be prepared for a Question and Answer session.


Think up a descriptive title. Try to be creative if it fits.


First name only


What challenge/goal/question drove your work?


What do you learn? How were you challenged?


Explain your process and show the products of your work. If there were any setbacks don’t be afraid to talk about them, too.


Talk about your purpose or what the audience should learn from your project. Inspire your audience with your passion for your pursued activity.


Include a meaningful take-away.


You created a rubric for your project pitch. It is time to put it to use. Provide a copy of it to your teacher.

In preparation for your presentation, you might want to watch at least three Ted talks paying close attention to their structure, and how they are delivered. Here are links to some of my favorite:

Pavan Sukhdev: Put A Value On Nature! 

Joe Sabia: The Technology of Storytelling 

Martin Villeneuve: How I made an impossible film 

Salman Khan: Let's use video to reinvent education