August 16, 17 and 19, 2016 – ZONE CONFERENCE

As I (Sister Sharp) attended the full day on August 16th, that is the day I will report on.


Conducting – Sister George

Accompanist – Sister Lai

Chorister – Sister Lawlor

Opening Hymn #6 Redeemer of Israel

Opening Prayer Sister Steffensen

White Handbook Roleplay – Sister Ramos and Sister Engmann

Announcements – Sister Pierron and Sister Sommerfeldt

·           Be ten minutes early to all meetings

·           Immediately put all guest card information in your area book

·           Music must be within the guidelines of the White Handbook and in English


Announcements - Sister Risenmay

·           Went over dress guidelines

o   Professional look; not faddish or trendy

o   T-shirt dresses must have a belt or add a layer

o   Be over the top modest

o   Skirts and dresses should cover the bottom of our knees

o   Wear slips

o   Be pressed and neat

o   Tuck in shirt tails

o   No extreme make-up

o   No sandals

o   No t-shirt type tops


Elder and Sister Geddes talked about creating a Celestial Apartment.  They quoted D&C 88:19.  Elder Geddes covered the bed bug issue and that we are getting it under control.  They quoted Moses 6:63 – all things are spiritual to the Lord.


Elder Richardson talked about the fleet and read from page 47 of the White Handbook.  Each van will now have two spaces to park in.  That should alleviate the scraps the vans are getting from the pillars.  He also showed a video about backing vans out and protocols for diver, co-driver and passengers.


Elder and Sister Sharp gave a review of large tour protocols and issues that have arisen with regard to the Tabernacle and organ recitals.


Ten-minute break – trail mix was provided by the mission


The following sisters gave presentations.

Sister Kratzer and Sister Carrus – Setting Return Appointments on Square

Sister Gattud and Sister O’Reilly – How to Open Meet the Mormons

Sister Lysy and Sister Kleine and Elder Sharp – Short and Powerful TC Lessons

Sister George and Sister Revoredo – Language Training Video

Sister Nuon and Sister Wentzel – Focusing and Planning for the Elect (D&C 29:7)


President Mulford and President Bateman bore their testimonies

President Risenmay instructed on how the present the Plan of Salvation


Closing prayer and blessing on the food – Sister Gomes

45-minute lunch break - Lunch from Apple Spice Junction was provided by the mission


Opening Hymn #301 I am a Child of God

Opening Prayer – Sister Leyes


Each Zone was given a specific question to study about and answer after the break off.  Sister Nuon stated that “Today we obey.  Tomorrow we understand.”


President and Sister Risenmay shared a roleplay with the assistants about how to contact on the Square and share the restoration and plan of salvation and to get contact information for follow-up.


Sister Bon, Sister Nevil and Sister Chamberlin


These sisters performed a wonderful medley of hymns, acapella and in close harmony.  We were all moved by their rendition and the spirit it brought to the meeting.


The following sisters bore testimony as they are going home at the end of this transfer.  Sisters, Nuon, Lysy, Bon, George, Pierron, Friebe and Rae.


Sister Pierron and Sister Sommerfeldt followed up on the Book of Mormon consecration from last Zone Conference and what we could give up.  We were reminded to stay strong and diligent in the work.  Brigham Young said, “I calculate to die in the harness.”


Sister Risenmay talked about chapter 6 of Preach My Gospel.  She asked, “How do I develop Christ like attributes?”  We watched a video entitled Consequences of our Choices – The Pump.  We discussed all of the steps the man in the movie took that were poor choices.  Had he made better choices, he would have lived instead of dying in the desert.  President Monson challenged us to “Choose the harder right instead of the easier wrong.”  Had the man in the video done that, he would have had a better end.  We should develop qualities to be not just to do.  A life without the attributes of Christ is like a ghost town with no life.


President Risenmay commented briefly on the video and then talked about Joseph Smith.  This December will be the 211 anniversary of his birth.  He told us that we must all follow the same path that Joseph Smith followed.  He showed hope, working through trials with confidence.  Charity is the pure love of Christ and should be the most sought after Christ like attribute.  We must be able to forgive.  President related the story of William W. Phelps and all the trials and hardship his actions caused Joseph Smith and the Church and yet, Joseph, when asked by Brother Phelps, was able to totally forgive Brother Phelps.  What an amazing example of forgiveness.  Virtue is having high moral standards and is a prerequisite of receiving the Holy Ghost.  Virtue is on the road to holiness.  Knowledge – acquire great spiritual knowledge.  Forget not to pray that thy mind might be strong.  Our diligence is an expression of our love for the Savior.  Obedience is the first law of Heaven.  We should keep the commandments willingly.  It is also the first covenant we make in the temple.  Joseph Smith said, “I make it a rule when God commands, I do it.”