Child protection policy of Springfit

Springfit recognises that children have the right to be safe, secure and free from threat.  The welfare of the child is paramount.

Springfit will provide an environment that ensures children are safe from potential abuse, and will respond to any suspicion of potential abuse in a way that respects the child’s dignity and reinforces the adult’s responsibility to the child.

Statement of principles

Springfit will:

Recruitment and Selection of Staff and Volunteers

To reduce the risk of abuse by staff and volunteers Springfit will:

Reporting and recording concerns

Staff and volunteers involved with Springfit are required to promptly pass on any concerns about possible child abuse or concerns about the welfare and safety of a child to the Designated Person for Child Protection in Springfit.

The Designated Person needs to make a record of any allegation and contact relevant child protection agency for advice. If staff and volunteers receive an allegation of abuse

against another member of staff or volunteer they should promptly inform the Designated Person.

It is essential that the staff member or volunteer records what they have seen or heard that has led them to believe that a child’s welfare or safety is at risk. The Designated Person also needs to keep clear and concise records.  Records need to be kept of action taken and why that action was decided upon.    

Staff or volunteers should bear in mind that it is not their job to investigate an allegation.  

Supervision of Children

Springfit  recognises that the safety of children should be of paramount concern at all times. They will:

Supervision of Staff or volunteers

It is important that staff and volunteers do not engage in behaviour that could be misinterpreted.  They need to be aware of the boundaries, to be open in the way they deal with children, and to know they can pass on any concerns. They should not be alone with children. They should:

Transportation Protocol

It is the responsibility of parents / carers to transport children to and from the club venues. Parents are provided with a contact number in the event of them running late. If a parent or carer is late, the club will, after a reasonable time, contact the parent or carer. Whilst waiting, children must remain under the supervision of the coaches.

If parent / carer remains uncontactable after a prolonged period of time, staff will contact social services or police.

If necessary, parents and carers will be reminded of the necessity to contact the club if they are going to be late.

Staff will not travel alone in a car with children and are not expected to take children home.

The Management Committee of Springfit  is specifically responsible for ensuring that Child Protection is accorded the necessary status within the organisation by making sure all members of staff and volunteers working with children follow this policy.

The designated persons for child protection in Springift is Adam Renyolds, among others who hold their child protection qualification.

Records should include the following details:

Records must show what action was taken following a report and who the information was passed on to. Name of agency, name of person at agency, contact details and the date the information was passed on must be recorded.

All information about concerns regarding the welfare of a child needs to be kept confidential and should only be passed on to other staff members/ volunteers if it is essential for them to know.

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