Science Teachers (2nd, 5th & 8th-grade teachers)

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The Michigan Department of Education has recommended that all K-12 teachers of science participate in the NGSX professional development series.  This training is the best way to understand the shifts that are required to teach these rigorous 3-dimensional standards.  In order to ensure that our students and teachers are prepared for a full transition to the new Michigan Science Standards (aka NGSS) it would be best if all secondary science as well as 2nd, 5th, & 8th-grade teachers attend the training during this school year.  These grades will be the first to take the newly aligned assessment in 2020. There are three cohorts of the training offered at the GISD listed below.  Use the links below to register for one of the cohorts (all three cohorts are the same training).

Session Description

Through hands-on exploration of phenomenon and video cases, you’ll explore what NGSS aligned learning feels like as a student, then learn strategies to begin developing a culture of public reasoning in your classrooms. This 4 day PD series, will demonstrate the effectiveness of academically productive talk to engage students in the science practices of developing and using models, engaging in argument from evidence, and constructing explanations to make sense of phenomenon.

Instructor:  James Emmerling

Cohort 14

Cohort 15

Cohort 16

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