Minutes Board Meeting Opendata.ch:
December 2nd 2014

: André (AG), Hannes (HG), Barnaby (BS), Matthias (MS), Andreas (AG), Antoine (AL), Christian (CL), Oleg (OL) & Muriel (MuSt) (minutes)

: Mehdi, Yann

Absent: Giorgio, Syl ke

  1. Minutes Board Meeting November 11th 2014

                Minutes approved

  1. New members (MuSt)
    Will be communicated regularly via board mailinglist (entries & withdrawals)

  2. Exchange of Information
    Finance: Problems with runmyaccounts led to partially unpaid invoices, challenge with electronic invoice of Postfinance -> however, we now have overcome temporary liquidity problems and BS solved all issues

reminder for the board: Retreat will take place on January 13 at University of Bern
1pm (sharp) - 6pm

  1. MS will inform the board about details
  2. MuSt will make a reservation for dinner (6:30pm)


a) OGD Monitoring -> MS informs the board that he got the mandate

b) Oversees master thesis about a) tarif rates and b) factors which determine the OGD “friendliness” of institutions

Swiss OGD Handbook concept and interviews: interpretation and definition of OGD, small team is in charge with first draft goal end 2014

a) Open Knowledge Foundation -> is looking for new ED, trend towards international focusing. Furthermore Beatrice Martini will leave OKFN as well -> challenge: brain drain.
FYI: Idea to rename Open Knowledge Foundation to Open Knowledge International?

Challenge for the organization to take the drive and enthusiasm to this next step.

Concern about the leadership and therewith the future of the foundation.

b) Election Hackdays: Motivated people, great team, good progresses -> chance for Opendata.ch to focus on knowledge transfer and not being over-worked with oragnisational tasks

a) Stadt Zürich -> Open Letter re application “Sauberes Zürich” -> positive feedback in phone call from Leutenegger to Golliez. Questions that popped up related to this topic will be treated during the retreat in early January.

b) Netzpolitik -> AG did not take on the mandate
MS informs the board that he took on the mandate and that he will deliver content for Keller (lead of the study).
AG, HG and MS inform the board about their attence of the Netzpolitik event yesterday in Bern.

Hackathons: AL reaises the question whether we have guidelines which apply for the hosting of hackathons?
Input HG: yes, informally we do -> 2 Hackathons per year in french- and germanspeaking part of Switzerland. However, working group are free to organize hackathons but they need to be communicated and branded differently, e.g. not as make.hackdays. If further Hackdays emerge -> we want promise/guaranty for interesting open data

  1. Support for National Councillor & Council of States (AG)
    Whom do we want to support as Opendata.ch in the upcoming election campaign in autumn 2015?
    AG mentioned this point in an eMail: “
    Über eine Unterstützung aller NR- und SR-KandidatInnen, welche sich in den letzten vier Jahren für Open Data eingesetzt haben, sollten wir uns an einer der nächsten Vorstandssitzungen unterhalten…
    This discussion will be part of the retreat in January 13, AA will prepare a ranking

  2. Open Cultural Data Hackathon (OL/MuSt)

OL: No major update, except for ongoing internal debate in the team regarding conditions on datasets shared at the event. Only “free” in the sense of http://openglam.org/principles/ will currently be announced to participants and shared on wiki. Your inputs on this question welcome.

MuSt: Wikimedia Community prefers licences that are free also for commercial use (typical licence used in Wikimedia Projects is Creative Commons CC-BY-SA)

AA: suggests broader approach, better to include more data-sets instead of only a few ones

AG: communication is key -> it must be clearly communicated which data is available with which licence

AL: Who is in contact with institutions and asks for data-sets? AL will potentially get in touch with archives in valais to ask to participate

For Blogpost about Cultural Data Hackdays of the GLAM Working group please see: http://glam.opendata.ch

  1. UN Hackathons (BS)

UN is serious with Open Data and in general has a huge amount of data
Suggestion of BS: Board of Opendata.ch goes to Geneva to get to know the data-sets
of the UN and meet Mr. Möller as well as the different responsibles of these data sets
BS will set up a Doodle and a document to prepare the visit
Proposition HG & AG: To get OKFN on board for the meeting, therefore HG will get in touch with Rufus

BS will inform Dani Stauffacher about these undertaking

  1. Opendata.ch Konferenz (MS)

Meeting mit MS, HG, AG und MS on January 13, 12:15 pm

  1. Open Finance Working Group (MS)

Kickoff: Friday, January 16, 2015, 4-6pm
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  1. Board Retreat (AG)


Role of Opendata.ch (for members, activists etc.)

Election campaign


Status & Outlook

-> Muriel will put these items in the agenda for the board retreat and share the google doc with the entire board as well as send invites for further meetings (calendar)

-> Board meeting of January 6 is cancelled due to retreat