McGill Chem-E Car
Recruitment 2017-18
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Come join our fun, dynamic, cooperative and hands-on team!

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Who We Are

Why We Need You

We are currently recruiting new members to participate in developing the car that will compete in the AIChE regionals competition in March 2018.

Chem-E Car is divided into different sub-teams, namely Power Source, Stopping Mechanism, Mechanical and Electrical.

The general tasks of the team members are the following:

  1. Attend weekly subteam meetings
  2. Be willing to work 3+ hours/week in the lab, workshop or on the computer
  3. Contribute to design, logistics, and construction of the car
  4. Participate in outreach events and 3-5 day out of town competitions

What’s In It For You

This would imply that you would also attend the yearly AIChE Chemical Engineering conference, which is a great opportunity to meet students from other North American universities as well as learn about new and pertinent research and industry topics.

And of course, gain skills and  expertise in the sub-team of your choice!:

Power Source

This sub-team is in charge of supplying the necessary energy for the car to move. Normally, the energy comes from a chemical source but non-chemical thermal sources can also be used. Tasks include:

Stopping Mechanism

This sub-team is in charge of ensuring that the car stops at the finish line by manipulating the kinetics of a chemical reaction, that is, by changing parameters such as reactants concentration, mixing, temperature, and pressure. Tasks include:


This sub-team is perhaps the least technical, yet one of the most important. It is in charge of keeping track of the team’s finances, competition logistics and social media presence. Tasks include:


This sub-team is in charge of building and assembling the mechanical components of the car, namely the chassis, wheels, bearings, motor, as well as the necessary components of the power source and stopping mechanism. Tasks include:


This sub-team is responsible for the relations between the aforementioned technical sub-teams. In other words, it coordinates the movement of the car depending on the power source and the stopping mechanism needs. Tasks include:

We are excited to have you on our team!