Procedures for Mr. Eldridge’s Class(es)

1.Check to see if your laptop will be needed for class. If it is required, log into LanSchool (class 124) and wait for further instruction. If the laptop will be needed later in class, simply place the laptop to the side until it is needed. This time is not socialize and walk around time. You should check the board and/or the TV to see what bellwork you have. Pencils should be sharpened and materials should be ready to use by the time the bell rings. Leave your area clean and log out of LanSchool for the class when the bell rings or I dismiss you.

2. If you do not have a material required for that days class simply raise your hand and wait patiently at the start of class while your classmates complete the bellwork. If your laptop is having issues follow the same directions. Please do not walk up to the front of the room or continually call my name. These are the surefire ways to NOT get my attention. Materials required every day include: your laptop, notebook, and a pen or pencil.

3. If you need to use the restroom or feel ill and would like to see the nurse, raise your hand and wait quietly. You must sign-out by the door before leaving the room, and be sure to sign back in!

4. If the phone rings, an announcement is made, or an adult comes into the classroom, please sit quietly and continue on task.

5. If I am trying to gain the entire class's attention you will hear me say something along the lines of “i need your attention”. This is my direct cue that I need EVERYBODY'S attention on me. This is important in a chemistry lab as it could be a matter of your personal safety.

6. In the event of a tornado drill, quietly leave your seat and proceed to the corners of the room near the lab benches. Sit with your back against the wall and stay quiet throughout the drill.

7. In the event of a fire drill, form a single file line and quietly exit the room. Turn right, towards the office, and head down that hallway.Our class will proceed that way and exit the building at the front High School doors near the office. Wait quietly for me to take attendance.

8. If you finish your work for the day please use the time to either complete work for another class, complete makeup work for my class, or visit one of the sites available on the resources tab of my website.

9. If you are absent, YOU ARE IN CHARGE of finding out what you missed. I will NEVER, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, seek you out for missing work. See Mr. Eldridge or check the class website. You are granted one extension day for every day of class missed unless the number of days exceeds three.

10. There is no reason to be wandering around the classroom. Pencils are to be sharpened before class. Check the battery of your laptop and plug it in before class starts. Any assignments that need to be turned in or printed off should be taken care of before class.

11. Any and all adults in the room are to be treated with the utmost respect. Any substitute or guest speaker is seen as an extension of myself. If you choose to disrespect or cause issues for those individuals I view it as disrespect to myself and will handle it accordingly.

12. The lab portion of this class will come with its own set of procedures and guidelines. This room serves double duty as a lab and as such no food or drinks are to be allowed in the room even if the lab portion is not in use.