Twitter Scavenger Hunt SEMR 1099 Nov 4 (by Dr. Maha Bali)

This activity will start during our makeup class time Nov 4, from 10-11:15am, but you will have to keep checking your Twitter account throughout the day, so the “activity” itself really ends the next day, Nov 5, at 10am, with a brief reflective blogpost from you.

During this activity, you will:

  1. Practice using twitter to interact with other people, find people on Twitter, use hashtags, and post photos
  2. Reflect on “scavenger hunt” as a kind of educational game (write a blogpost about it, due 10am Nov 5).
  3. Experience the power of Twitter to connect with people all over the world, and across timezones.

Rules of the Game:

  1. The game starts at 10am Nov 4 and ends at 10am Nov 5. Some people you will tweet to are not on our same timezone, so will not respond to you until later.
  2. For every tweet, use the class hashtag #GamesEg (not case sensitive)
  3. If you are working in a pair, remember to tag your partner at the end of all tweets (@username)
  4. If someone responds to you and they don’t use the class hashtag, “retweet” using the hashtag
  5. Some parts of the mission are not written into this document. You will find out the details via twitter (I will send them to you during the game as you complete missions).


  1. You can tweet me (@bali_maha) questions about the game at following times: Nov 4: 10am-2pm; 4pm-10pm & Nov 5: 8am-10am
  2. You can use these documents for some tips on twitter:


PART 1: DUE at 10:30

  1. Create an account (you probably have already done this). You are free to use your real name or a pseudonym, as long as I know your username.
  2. Send a tweet to @games_eg (our class twitter account) or me (@bali_maha) using the class hashtag #GamesEg [my part in this game is to try to guess who is who!!!] If you follow the @games_eg account you will get a surprise.
  3. Follow at least 5 of your classmates. How will you find out their usernames so you can follow them?
  4. Search for one of the following hashtags [Check twitter] and either respond to something interesting there, or retweet a useful tweet or link (remember to use the class hashtag #GamesEg when doing so). Don’t just tweet out the first thing you find or we’ll all be seeing the exact same thing (Boring!)

AFTER COMPLETING STEPS 1-4, come to the head of the class and pick out your “snack”. The earlier you come, the more choice you will have over which snack you get!

Part 2: Due 11:15

  1. Check out one of the following hashtags [check twitter], and look at the photos the students have posted. Respond to two students (try to make sure they’re not ones who already have responses) guessing what their photo is of:
  2. Send out questions to three people [check twitter to know who], either asking for resources on educational games, or asking questions you have about educational games. Or, alternatively, you can ask questions about Twitter.
  3. Find out & tweet what you learn about:


Part 3: Due 2pm

  1. Take a photo of something on campus (a close-up, a shadow - if you are working in pairs, each of you should take a different photo), and tweet it with the class hashtag – as well as to at least one of the other classes’ hashtags and ask people to “guess what this is a photo of”
  2. Respond to another person in OUR class, guessing their photo
  3. Check your Twitter account for “notifications” at least one more time before you go to bed to see if you have received responses from people in the US or elsewhere…

Part 4: Due 10am on Nov 5

Write a blog post reflecting on:


Task number 4:

Group A


Group B


Group C


Group D


Task number 5

Group A


respond to photos they post

Group B


respond to photos they post

Group C


respond to photos they post

Group D


ask questions about educational games

Task number 6:

Group A

@laura_ritchie & @dogtrax & @anasalter

Group B

@digisim & @jessifer & @lorifredenberg

Group C

@catherinecronin & @eatcherveggies & @ak_leeg D

Group D

@amcunningham & @dinamoati & @onewheeljoe

*** for a list of other people who might respond to your tweets today, check out the the people I am “following” from @games_eg account, many of whom live in Egypt or even work at AUC.