Group Inquiry Experiment

Scientists: Eva, Tui, Stanley, Joseph and Riya.


do plants sweat?

Hypothesis: We think that plants sweat when their hot like people.

List of Materials:1 duct tape✔️ ,1 bag✔️,1 branch✔️,

Experiment:we want to find out if plants sweat

1. Chose a branch of a plant to experiment on (do not cut off the branch.)✅

2.  Wrap the branch in the bag and tape make sure it's tight.✅

3.leave for 24 hours.

4.check in the morning.

5. Start your observation.

Results: now that we know that plants sweat we can link  that fact to the hypothesis. we thought that plants sweat, and we were corcect. But we also found out that its could respiration and people sweat not plants.    

Conclusion: are hypothesis was corcect it sweated

in the sun the light hits  the bag to make it sweat and then goes in the bag. the next morning light puffs appeared on the bag.

Science journal


Today we started our experiment on: do plants sweat? It was quick and easy to set up, but we had trouble finding the materials . But what if it rains?