c a f f i e n d s    |   c a t e r i n g   m e n u

please note that a flat fee of 10.00 is applied to all catering orders; depending on the location of your event, a delivery fee may also be applied if transport is required. one week’s notice is requested for all orders.

coffee | Chocosol | organic, fair-trade

15.00 per urn of coffee (approximately 20 cups)

includes compostable cups, stir sticks, raw cane sugar, and one carton of organic skim milk

3.25 for each additional carton of skim milk, 4.50 for organic 10% cream

Please note that there is a maximum order of three urns at this time.

premium loose leaf tea | GenuineTea | direct-trade; most varieties are organic

$0.50 per cup of loose leaf tea; see tea list on following page for selection


cookies | vegan, organic,  nut-free        1.50 each

muffins | vegan, organic, nut-free & gluten free varieties available        1.80 each

blueberry scone | vegan, organic            2.25 each

savoury scone | vegan, organic              2.25 each

chocolate cupcakes | vegan, organic        2.50 each

t e a   l i s t

g r e e n  

organic genmaicha

organic wild lavender

organic premium green

imperial jasmine green

o o l o n g

milk oolong

b l a c k

organic cream of earl grey

organic lavender earl grey

organic  assam breakfast

organic spiced chai

organic ceylon peach apricot

h e r b a l

lemon ginger rooibos

organic elderberry hibiscus

organic chamomile lemongrass

organic peppermint

herbal teas are all naturally caffeine-free.