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Gospel Value/Saint for May: Excellence/St. Thomas Aquinas                     May 31, 2016

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EQAO - Grade 6

Parking Zone Reminder

School BBQ Volunteers

Fun in the Sun

City of Ottawa Trees

PD Day

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May 31

EQAO - Grade 3

June 1

Pizza Lunch Day

EQAO - Grade 6

June 2

EQAO - Grade 6

June 3

EQAO - Grade 6


June 8

Pita Lunch Day

June 10

PD Day

June 13

Junior Track Day

June 14

Grade 6 students visit to Sacred Heart

June 28

Grade 6 Leaving Ceremony at Holy Spirit

Grant me,

O Lord, My God,

A mind to know you,

A heart to see you,

Conduct pleasing to you,

Faithful perseverance in waiting for you,

And a hope of finally embracing you.


-St. Thomas Aquinas

EQAO - Grade 6

A reminder that EQAO testing continues this week. The Grade 3 students are finishing their Language tasks today, May 31st. The Grade 6 students will be working on their Math and Language tasks June 1-3. It is very important that students arrive at school on time and that, if possible, no appointments are booked for those days. Your cooperation is much appreciated. 

Parking Zone Reminder

A reminder to parents that all drop offs and pick ups of students should occur in the designated areas in the school parking lot. There should be no drop offs or pick ups of students occurring on Main Street, or U-Turns, as these actions obscure the sightlines of the crossing guard, as she works to ensure the safety of the children who are walking to school each day. Thanks again for your ongoing cooperation.  

School BBQ Volunteers

The St. Stephen School Council BBQ will be taking place on Thursday, June 16th and the Council is looking for parent volunteers to help out in a variety of roles to help make the BBQ a success.

If you are interested in helping out, please follow the link below to sign up for a job at your preferred time.

Fun in the Sun

The weather is getting very nice outside and the students are having lots of fun at recess. A reminder to students to practice proper Sun Sense. They are encouraged to wear a hat and sunscreen each day. On hot days, the students can also bring out their water bottles so they can stay hydrated at recess, but they are reminded to use their water bottles responsibly when they are outside. 

City of Ottawa Trees

We are very fortunate that the 10 trees from the City of Ottawa grant were planted earlier this month. We look forward to watching them grow in the coming years and the shade and natural beauty they will provide in our schoolyard. 

PD Day

A reminder that Friday, June 10th is a PD Day. The teachers will be engaging in professional development through planning and collaboration and there will be no classes that day. The school will be open only for those in the childcare program.

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