Certificate on Transcript

If this is your final semester taking classes required for the New Media Certificate it is time to submit the appropriate paperwork to have the certificate added to your transcript. This paperwork is due in October or February (depending on the semester). Please complete all of the steps below and provide ALL of the necessary information.

Print this page and complete the following:

  1. Full Name: _______________________________________________________
  2. 810#: _________________________________
  3. UGA email: ________________________________________________________
  4. Other email: _______________________________________________________
  5. Which Certificate Track are you on? Circle One:  Traditional Track | Dev Track | Grad Track
  6. Graduation Semester: ________________________________________________

 **This is the semester you graduate from the University of Georgia (e.g. Fall 2023)**

  1. Print your Unofficial Transcript

Step 1: Log onto Athena: athena.uga.edu

Step 2: Click: Student > Student Records > Unofficial transcript > (submit)

Step 3: Print your entire Unofficial Transcript.

Step 4: Once printed, go through your transcript and highlight the following: Name, 810#, all NMIX classes, and your 2 certificate electives. Any grade below a B- does NOT count towards your certificate.

*Note! Highlighted electives must be approved electives (see the Certificate Fact Packet at mynmi.net/certificate for a list.) Highlighting unapproved electives will result in denial of the certificate. Please do not highlight more than two electives.  

  1. Apply to Graduate with the New Media Certificate. You must do this when you Apply to Graduate during your final semester at UGA - do NOT forget. You will receive email communication from the NMI and your academic advisor about this process. Here is what you will do when the time comes:

Step 1: Log onto Athena: athena.uga.edu
Step 2: Click: Student  >  Apply to Graduate  >  Follow the directions to add the New Media Certificate

  1. Staple this page to your transcript and slide it under Kyla Sterling’s door (Journalism 403H)
    *Note! These documents contain sensitive data. Do NOT leave these documents sitting in a public space.

Official Use Only

________ Intro  ____________________________________________

________ Production  _______________________________________

________ 4220/4221   _______________________________________

________ Elective  _______________________________________

________ Elective  _______________________________________

________ 4510  ______________________________________________

Final Approval ____________________________________________

Thanks! And congratulations!  We’re proud of you!