SGA Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

12:00 p.m. SC 204

Call to Order: 

Tam Nguyen

12:06 PM

Roll call: 

David Pham

12:06 PM

Approval of Minutes:

Film Club motioned to approve the minutes from the February 19, 2014 meeting;

Hurricanes Men’s Soccer Club seconded the motion and the meeting minutes were approved.

Officer Reports:

President – Tam Nguyen (

Vice President – Sean Glaser (

Secretary – Devin O’Donnell (

Parliamentarian – David Pham (

A-Team President – Luisa Salinas (

Night School Representative - Vacant ()

Victory Center Representative - Vacant ()

Greenspoint Representative – Michael Horner (

Advisor Reports:

Staff Advisor - Dan Mitsven (


Faculty Advisor – Shae Adkins (

Other Reports:

Old Business:

Hurricane Women’s Soccer club moved to approve minutes. Earth Alliance seconded the motion. The motion passed, and the minutes were approved.

New Business:

Phi Theta Kappa moved to open nominations. Hurricanes Men’s Soccer club seconded the motion. The motion to open nominations passed.

Nominations for the position were

Parliamentarian moved to close nominations. Anime and Gaming club seconded the motion. The motion to close nominations passed.  Kiet Lam won the election for the open Emerging Clubs Committee seat.

Guest Speaker

Amber Moore – Student Outreach and Recruitment


A STAR Gala is being held at the Marriot Woodlands Hotel and will have Ambassadors from all parts of the organization in attendance. They will also auction items to raise funds towards Ambassador’s scholarships.

There will be another raffle for ad space coming up soon. In order for a club to be eligible for the raffle, the club must select a liaison to contact the North Star News team prior to the raffle and register in LSC4ME.

There will be a gift basket fundraiser will be held. While there are no fliers posted yet, the book of raffle tickets will be $20 each with individual ones being sold at $2 a ticket.

There will be an event from March 24th through the 27th for the Affordable Care Act designed to help people setup their Health Marketplace accounts and receive assistance with any questions about getting that setup.

Friday March 7th in ACAD-126 there will be an event called “Culture Clash: Identity and Politics in a Diverse Academic Environment” designed to discuss identity, politics, culture, etc.

On Wednesday March 19th there will be a movie viewing of March of the Penguins. This event will run from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM, and the movie is designed to illustrate the lives of penguins as a whole.

There will be a memorial service for Johnson Nguyen, the first ASAP President, on Friday Thursday, March 27th from 6:00 to 7:00 PM. 

Meeting closure: 

Motion to adjourn meeting by Phi Theta Kappa, seconded by Campus Christian Club, motion passes and meeting was adjourned at 12:45pm