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This kit is a collectivized document that will be updated as more mutual aid projects and resources appear online. Recognizing that not everyone will have access to great internet to access some of these, I encourage you to apply these offline as well as online. Please be aware: there is a lot of disinformation  online, as always: be sure to triple check resources and the source. Ironically, most of the resources here come from survivors and those marginalized by state violence, so in a sense, prepared to respond to a crisis when there’s no social safety net.

This compilation features resources from disabled, queer, elderly, Asian, and indigenous people. Mutual aid projects from Seattle, Philadelphia, DC, Twin Cities, Boston, and Chicago have been added below. We also recommend this other toolkit that has specific geographic sections and this incredible database of localized resources.


Emergency Contacts




For Workers

For Parents, Educators, and Guardians

Community, Healing, and Care



DC, Baltimore, and DMV Resources

Illinois Resources

Washington Resources

California Resources


NYC Resources


Twin Cities

Boston Resources

New Orleans

Pennsylvania Resources

Portland, OR


Ohio Resources

For Artists

Virtual Gatherings


Crowdfunding and Community Care

Advocacy and Impact

Teaching Tool

Additional Resources

Media / Political Education


Mutual Aid Projects

Funding Requests

Financial Assistance

Government  (Sample Advocacy Demands and Policy Platforms)


Emergency Contacts

Text COVID to 692-692 for NOTIFY NYC Emergency Updates

Co-quarantined with an abuser? Worried about having to self-isolate from #coronavirus in a dangerous home situation? Please reach out — contact @ndvh | National Domestic Violence Hotline: CALL 1−800−799−7233 or TTY 1−800−787−3224 or CHAT at

For medical emergencies, read One Medical’s ‘What You Should Know About Coronavirus’ for symptoms, plans of action and recommendations. Call 911 and alert them you may be showing Coronavirus symptoms, so they can come prepared.

We recommend everyone create local threads of communication with everyone in your network: neighbors, parents, close friends, cousins, homeless community members, students, and those you would like to be in communication with and provide emergency information during these times. Share resources, talk to your neighbors, and check in on the elderly and those with chronic disabilities.


COVID-19 DATA PACK from Information is Beautiful:

Most useful COVID-19 resources

Know the Symptoms by Mona Chalabi

(Arabic, Spanish, French, Russian, German, Farsi, Turkish)


Key Resource: COVID-19 Mutual Aid & Advocacy Resource

Key Resource: Database of Localized Resources 

Key Resource: Collective Care is our Best Weapon against COVID-19 (lots of local mutual aid groups)


People's Coronavirus Support Group on Facebook

What to do now before COVID-19/coronavirus cases explode in the US

Autonomy and Collective Care Tools by The Comrade Closet

Half Assed Disabled Prepper Tips for Preparing for a Coronavirus Quarantine

March 9, 2020, edited March 10, 2020 by Leah Piepzna-Samarasinha

Rebel Sidney Black’s “Pod Mapping for Mutual Aid”

March 9, 2020 by Rebel Sidney Black

How to Build a Neighborhood Pod  

Flyers to Offer Services to Neighbors from Reed Hexamer

Communal Living and COVID-19: How to Prepare

How to do a coronavirus prep door knock to care for your neighbors. Via sarah_at_play

Black LGBTQIA+ Migrant Project Resources

Just Stay: A Simple Self Isolation Plan

Resources for People Facing Domestic Violence

COVID Mutual Aid Community Care Resource List

Includes models of mutual aid, food lists, fact sheets and hygiene items

Twitter thread of local/national food and housing resources

Webinar - COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Preparation for People Living with
Chronic Illnesses in the U.S [The Cranky Queer]

Webinar - For Students Dealing with COVID-19

Taeyoon Choi - How to Deal w Racism

Big Door Brigade - Mutual Aid Toolbox compiled by prison abolitionists

COVID-19 Freelance Artist Resource

Messaging for the Pandemic by Anthony Torres & Nicole Carty

COVID-19 Guide For People Who Use Drugs

Planning to Rent Strike? Read this Manual by NYC DSA Housing

For Roommates &

For Workers

Workplace Organizing Support Form

For Hospitality Workers

Fera Lorde - A Sex Worker on Dealing w Coronavirus

Fund for Retail Workers (National)

Resources for Restaurant Workers

Bartender Emergency Fund 

Service Workers Mutual Aid Fund

For Parents, Educators, and Guardians

Childcare coordination for a group/co-op

Facebook group for Parents Together (for answering questions)

Coronavirus Resources for Parents

Coronavirus Comic for Kids from CultureStrike

A list of 150+ enrichment activities for children while caregivers are working remotely, coded/categorized by age, screen or not, how much supervision, etc. (I love this and others have told me it's helpful to them as well)

Kids story about germbusting from the Little School 


Slide decks and materials created by health education team at SFUSD to help students understand #COVID19.   (There are materials in English, Spanish and Chinese for these levels: Preschool , Pre-K-1st grade , 2nd-5th Grade , Middle School , High School).

This resource from NAEYC’s Asian Interest forum discusses the role of early educators in dispelling harmful scare tactics

Remote teaching resources shared by colleges and a comprehensive listing of resources for online meetings, classes and events. [via Randall Smith]

Community, Healing, and Care

COVID-19/At-Home Mental Health Resource List

Caring for your Coronavirus Anxiety Toolkit

Black Girl Magik’s Spreadsheet of Mental Health Resources and Support Funds


An Integrative Medicine Guide to Herbs for Fortifying Your Immune System

Food Safety Tips Twitter Thread

Food Safety Zine (great resource) from Mutual Aid Disaster Relief

Podcast: Healing Justice Coronavirus Wisdom from a Social Justice Lens

Resource list at bottom of page.

Herbal Guide to Collective Protection and Healing During Coronavirus by @meztliprojects on IG

how to have sex in the covid-19 coronavirus pandemic by The Cranky Queer


IF You Get Coronavirus

A Neighborly Invitation Regarding Coronavirus (How to Contact Your Neighbors)

Managing COVID-19 Anxiety by @blessingmanifesting on Instagram

How do we gather in community to care for others? One example: a Facebook group for contractors and freelancers to support one another.

The Verge - Hand Sanitizer Recipe

Accessible Online Wellness Resources from worn_ware on IG


These are the internet providers offering free WiFi during coronavirus

Free Internet for Low Income Families 

Caring Across Distance: Some Things to Consider Before Movement Gatherings During COVID-19

How to use Slack to Set Up A Neighborhood Hub

Tips for hosting hybrid virtual/IRL meetings. [via Mary Alice Crim]

The Coronavirus Tech Handbook is an exhaustive aggregation of almost anything tech related to help manage communications, misinfo, work and more. [Newspeak House]

Organizers Looks to Adapt to Online Environment (Doodle)

Mutual Aid Projects

Listings of #covid-19 mutual aid initiatives (Spreadsheet + Google Form)

COVID Mutual Aid Community Care Resource List

Includes models of mutual aid, food lists, fact sheets and hygiene items

Database of Localized Resources During Corona Outbreak

COVID Messengers on IG - Free Deliveries Across the Country

How to do a coronavirus prep door knock to care for your neighbors. Via sarah_at_play

Get your student loans down to $0 if you’ve lost work.

Walela Nehanda - Thread where “ppl who are in areas with disinfectant supplies say they are willing to send a couple items out to immune suppressed ppl who don’t have any in their city? Or immunosuppressed ppl say what they need??”

Asian American Feminist Collective - Call for Stories

Beyond Prisons on FB

Funding Requests

Covid Mutual Aid - Spreadsheet for funding requests

Leveler.Info: - Peer to Peer Wealth Distribution Website

Center for Disaster Philanthropy  Covid-19 Response Fund

Covid-19 Financial Solidarity

Service Workers Mutual Aid Fund

Immunocompromised people - Twitter Thread

Get your student loans down to $0 if you’ve lost work.

Fund for Retail Workers - National

Bartender Emergency Fund 

The Okra Project’s Black Trans Solidarity Fund - Paypal

Thread Supporting Trans/Queer Folks - National

Relief International - for Iranians Fighting the Virus

Ohio: Ohio Service Workers Fund

Brooklyn, NY: COVID-19 Response Fund

DC, DMV: DMV Restaurant Workers Relief Fund

Portland, OR: Mutual Aid Fund

New Orleans, LA: Commissary to Prisons Fund

Seattle, Eastside (major zone for Coronavirus): Link to  donate

National: Soap Fund by Survived and Punished (National)

NYC: Nightlife workers in NYC - COVID-19 NYC Black Folk Mutual Aid Fund


Food Bank 4 NYC - Needs Volunteers & $$$

Abolition Action Grocery Fund

Are you a queer/trans worker in the gig economy who needs some cash? Twitter thread

Service Workers Coalition NY - Needs Volunteers & $$$

Cuir Kitchen Brigade Food Resources


NYC Low Income Artist Fund

COVID-19 Freelance Artist Resource

Freelancers Toolkit

Sex Workers:

GoFundMe for Sex Workers in LA organized by @whoreganizer (Support Thread)

SWOP Brooklyn Emergency Fund for Sex Workers in NY

SWARM Sex Worker UK Support Fund

Financial Assistance

Everywhere in the U.S.


If your livelihood is being directly impacted by the Coronavirus crisis and you need support, post requests on this spreadsheet. If you are a white-collar employee working from home and still being paid your full salary, fulfill the requests below. GIVE GENEROUSLY: the only way to earn what you have, is to give it away.


Visual mapping of global community mutual aid support networks and fundraisers:

General Northwest Resources Link

Daytona/Miami FL: Mutual Aid Sign Up

Morris County, NJ: Mutual Aid Chain

UK: Queercare UK Food Distribution

Denver, CO: Denver Metro Area Artist Relief Fund

Minnesota: Website for COVID-19 Response

DC, Baltimore, and DMV Resources

DC Resource Kit MASTER DOC

COVID-19 DC Resource Kit

DC Virtual Tip Jar

Baltimore Mutual Aid Spreadsheet

Baltimore Neighborhoods Mutual Aid Links

Ward 1 DC Mutual Aid Fund

DMV Restaurant Workers Relief Fund

Takoma DC Community Care & Mutual Aid Form (see copyable template above to start your own in your neighborhood)

Mutual Aid & Support for Independent Artists from p0stb1nary DC going through unstable unemployment

Illinois Resources

Letter to Governor J.B. Pritzker on Coronavirus in IL Prisons

Chicago COVID-19 Hardship and Help Page from Transformative Spaces

Chicago COVID-19 Mutual Aid Volunteer Sign-up

Chicago Ujamaa Medics

Washington Resources

Seattle Queer Community Mutual Aid Intake

Seattle Area Request for Support for COVID-19 (English)

Seattle Area Request for Support for COVID-19 (Spanish)

Seattle Resource List

Seattle Restaurant Workers Fund

Seattle Sex Worker Aid Network Initiative

Seattle Food Bank Map

Coronavirus in WA State Prisons

POC Restaurants w Delivery in Seattle

Petition calling for evictions

Seattle, Eastside (major zone for Coronavirus): Link to  donate

Tacoma, WA: Coronavirus Delivery Sign Up

California Resources

Los Angeles - Mutual Aid Links

Los Angeles, Koreatown: Koreatown for All: volunteer-led grassroots organization serving Koreatown’s homeless community members; also sharing information about local resources and sweeps

Los Angeles: Amwa local north east la (nela) / midcity / koreatown coronavirus community care


All CA COVID-19 Resources For Undocumented Californians

Oakland Small Business Help

SF Bay Area - Disability Justice Culture Club & POOR Magazine - see this post

Bay Area Mutual Aid Doc

Support for Workers Applying for Unemployment


Letter to Governor Gavin Newsom on incarceration and coronavirus

Letter to Mayors London Breed and Libby Schaaf re: Wage Workers and CoVID-19

Ask Governor Newsom to Protect Californians from the Coronavirus Crisis! - Petition from ACCE Action calling for an immediate moratorium on all evictions, emergency income assistance, to preserve medical benefits, and to prevent utility shut-offs

MoveOn: Tell the federal government to pass a coronavirus relief package now

California COVID-2019 Resources for Employers & Workers - includes a benefits summary chart, FAQs and more

NYC Resources

NYC United Against Coronavirus MASTER DOC

NYC Mutual Aid Grocery Fund

NYC Mutual Aid Resources

NYC Mutual AID Network - Google document.

Neighbor Support Network NYC

NYC Mutual Aid Volunteers List: This is a place to offer support for other New Yorkers in and beyond your neighborhood. Go to #3 to set up a neighborhood-specific pod, or find one that exists.

Requests for Support (NYC Mutual Aid Intake Form)

This is a place to ask for what you need, and share some ideas for what we can do to support you and your community. There is no ask that is too big, though we may not be able to match everything asked.

Adaptable Neighborhood Outreach Flyer by Mayday Space

Tenant Rights Hotline

Hotline will remain OPEN with new expanded hours!


Mon & Wed 1:30-8pm

Tue 5:30-8pm (NEW)

Fri 1:30-5pm

Home looking for something to do? We need more volunteers!

Help BLK PALATE Cook and Distribute Food

Bed Stuy Business Database

Food Bank 4 NYC - Needs Volunteers & $$$

NYC Dyke Bar Takeover Direct Action Emergency Fund for Gig Workers

Service Workers Coalition NY - Needs Volunteers & $$$

Cuir Kitchen Brigade Food Resources

Mutual Aid Neighborhood Coordination Spreadsheet


NYC Shut it Down Feed the People @nycshutitdown on all platforms

Longstanding NYC abolitionist group serving hot food on the third Saturday of every month at Hunts Point Plaza and Bruckner Blvd in the Bronx at 5 p.m. and the last Monday of every month at 116th and Lexington in Manhattan at 7 p.m. Also sometimes has hygiene supplies and clothing.

Food Not Bombs Manhattan

Serves hot food in the southwest area of Tompkins Square Park every Sunday from 4-6 p.m.

Food Not Bombs Bed-Stuy

Passes out groceries at Marcy and Lafayette in Bed-Stuy every Saturday at 3 p.m.

Club A @club_a_nyc on IG

Serves hot food and passes out harm reduction supplies at 354 Stockton St. Brooklyn Saturdays approximately from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Lots of businesses also throw out perfectly good food they would’ve sold five minutes before every night!

Twin Cities

South Minneapolis Mutual Aid

Twin Cities Financial Solidarity Spreadsheet (offers of help to the community)

Twin Cities Queer/Trans Mutual Aid Intake and Spreadsheet

Boston Resources

Boston, MA Coronavirus Resource Kit

Boston: Boston Opportunity Fund for Artists (Application)

Massachusetts (Jamaica Plain, Boston): Mutual Aid Offerings

Massachusetts (Tufts): Mutual Aid for Students

MA: For Employers in MA: Sign the Pledge to offer paid sick leave

New Orleans

COVID-19 Relief Funds

Commissary Fund Links

Pennsylvania Resources

Mutual Aid for Students (CMU) and another (University of Pittsburgh)

Philadelphia Mutual Aid Sign Up

Portland, OR

Mutual Aid Fund

Mutual Aid Intake & Support Form


North Texas Mutual Aid Fund

Drive Thru Testing Available in Austin

Ohio Resources

Mutual Aid Sign Up Central Ohio

Ohio Service Workers Fund

Ohio Students Emergency Fund

For Artists

Resources for freelance artists and the independent artist community.

Mutual Aid & Support for Independent Artists from p0stb1nary DC going through unstable unemployment

COVID-19 Freelance Artist Resource

Artist Resources During Coronavirus from @artopencall

Demands for Museums and Galleries from People’s Cultural Plan

Denver Metro Area Artist Relief Fund

Queer Writers of Color Relief Fund

The below is from the Vera List Center.                                         

Virtual Gatherings


The following are listings for emergency grants and financial support for artists, including specific funds for COVID-19 related economic hardship, and further resources.

Crowdfunding and Community Care

Advocacy and Impact

Teaching Tool

Additional Resources 

Flatten The Curve

Source; animated version here

Media / Political Education

Against Quarantine by Angela Mitropoulos

Indian Country’s COVID-19 Syllabus from Indian Country Today

Oglala Sioux Tribe declares state of emergency, calling on federal government to honor treaty obligations, send tests directly to them by Kevin Abourezk

New York Prison Labor Makes Hand Sanitizer, Prepares to Dig Graves if Coronvirus Worsens by Kim Kelly

Collective Care is our Best Weapon Against COVIDー19

The Secret Plan to Lock Down Coronavirus in NYC Jails - Reuven Blau

Activists Push For Vulnerable Prisoners To Be Released As Coronavirus Spreads by Steve Burns for WCBS Radio

Release People From Jail To Prevent A Coronavirus Catastrophe Behind Bars by Nadja Guyout, Jose Saldana, Komrade K

Washington Post “Flatten the Curve” Visual Simulation

Healing Justice Podcast - Coronavirus: Wisdom from a Social Justice Lens

Iranian Sanctions and Coronavirus

‘Flood the Streets’: ICE Targets Sanctuary Cities With Increased Surveillance

How We Survive A Shutdown - Sandy Nurse

On Immunity by Eula Bliss

Demands from Grassroots Organizers Concerning COVID-19 - Kelly Hayes

Zoé Samudzi on Colonial Biopolitics of Coronavirus

What do we need right now? From @radicalroadmaps on IG

Coronavirus: San Jose moves forward with moratorium on evictions, proposes financial aid for small businesses                

No need to wait for pandemics: The public health case for criminal justice reform from the Prison Policy Initiative

Data Isn’t Panicking - adrienne maree brown

Contagion & Consent : Prentis Hemphill (5 min read)

Undoing Capitalist Assumptions by the comrade closet

Capitalist agriculture and Covid-19: A deadly combination (Climate and Capitalism)

“If I Can Eat in Chinatown, So Can You” (Bon Appetit, Nom Wah Tea Parlor)

COVID-19 now a pandemic; capitalism exacerbates crisis (Liberation News)

Who doesn’t have paid sick leave? - NYTIMES

Social Workers Explain COVID-19’s Impact on Houseless People


It's hard to find signals in social media noise at the best of times. Optimize for signal reception: listen (don't just talk), be trustworthy and transparent.

Disinfo and xenophobia plays out in local communities. It's useful to understand challenges to local reporting and ways in which local newsrooms are covering public health in crisis – and offer ways to support accurate, transparent coverage that offer community-driven solutions. [Columbia Journalism Review and Poynter]

Left Voice Magazine has a call for submissions about experiences related to Coronavirus.

Government  (Sample Advocacy Demands and Policy Platforms)

Advocacy for Rapid Response - Demands Across the Country

The Justice Collaborative: COVID-19 & Vulnerable Populations Tracker List (advocacy)

National COVID-19 Response Advocacy Asks

The Partnership for Inclusive Disaster Strategies: National Call to Action

An Emerging Coronavirus Concern: Eviction - RENT SUSPENSION NOW

Detention Watch Demand ICE Release All People From Detention Petition

Pandemic Policy Survival Kit

Petition to Request Broadband and Network Providers to Waive All Fees for Low-Income Users by Free Press Action

What if you can’t stay home? Recommendations to support the health of people experiencing homelessness during the Coronavirus State of Emergency (Coalition on Homelessness)

This blog is tracking eviction moratorium proposals nationwide

MA: For Employers in MA: Sign the Pledge to offer paid sick leave

Moms 4 Housing Call for A Suspension on Evictions in Alameda County, CA

Photo from an ICE Check

How much of the pandemic response could be funded by the Pentagon?


Demand Progress - Stop Trump Spying

Curb #Section215 of the #PatriotAct and stop warrantless mass #surveillance.

Color of Change: Tell these billionaires: it's time to pay for Coronavirus testing for all

United We Dream: Ensure all people have access to care regardless of imm status

Working Families Party: Improve our Public Health Infrastructure 

Peoples’ Action: COVID-19 Housing and Homelessness

From Big Door Brigade