#AdventWord 2016 – A Global Advent Calendar

Participate in the Anglican Communion’s Global Advent Calendar. During Advent, anticipate the coming of Christ, an event that awakens our deepest desires and longings. Respond to a daily meditation with images and prayers that speak to your heart and be part of a global Advent Calendar that brings us together in communion.

Sign up at www.adventword.org


The Anglican Communion with the SSJE Brothers invite you to:

  • Sign up
  • Pray through Advent
  • Use your phone camera
  • Help create a Global Advent Calendar.

How To:

Receive the daily AdventWord meditation and respond with an image of your own on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Watch the Advent Calendar grow each day.

On Twitter & Instagram tag with #adventword & the tag for the day. Make sure that there is a space between the tags for example: #adventword #proclaim. On Facebook go to the AdventWord Page and write on page using #adventword & the tag for the day.

Visit: www.instagram.com/adventword


Visit: www.facebook.com/AdventWordOrg

Please remember that any image that you send will be public. Please be respectful of people’s privacy. Thank you.

If you want to get your images ready in advance here's a cheat sheet -

Tag with  #Adventword AND ...

27-Nov Shine

28-Nov Love

29-Nov Renew

30-Nov Listen

1-Dec Proclaim

2-Dec Light

3-Dec Play

4-Dec Touch

5-Dec Commit

6-Dec Be

7-Dec Act

8-Dec Hope

9-Dec Promise

10-Dec Befriend

11-Dec Glow

12-Dec Rely

13-Dec Mend

14-Dec Surprise

15-Dec Trust

16-Dec Awaken

17-Dec Embrace

18-Dec Open

19-Dec Simplify

20-Dec Prune

21-Dec Abide

22-Dec Animate

23-Dec Live

24-Dec Celebrate

Draft text for invitation email


Our church has decided to invite everyone to participate in an Advent program called AdventWord, the Anglican Communion’s Global Advent Calendar. The calendar is created by Christians around the world sending in images in response to an Advent meditation from the Society of Saint John the Evangelists, an Anglican/Episcopal order of monks.

This is an opportunity for us to connect with fellow Christian worldwide as we pray in Advent as we await the coming of the Christ child and the celebration of Christmas.

To participate go to AdventWord.org and signup to receive a daily email from the Brothers of the Society of Saint John the Evangelists, The email will contain a daily word and meditation, accompanied by a stunning image. You are invited respond with an image of your own on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook or you can just watch the calendar grow each day in Advent. When you sign up you will receive easy instructions on how to send in images and view the AdventCalendar.