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2014/2015 Mt Ashwabay Season Pass FAQ's and Policies
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2014/2015 Mt Ashwabay Season Pass Frequently Asked Questions

Are Season Passes refundable or transferable?

How do I pick up my Season Pass?

What if I cannot pick up my Season Pass before the winter season?

Are there ways to buy passes other than online?

If I am a previous Season Pass holder am I required to have a new photo?

What are the Holiday blackout dates for Season Pass holders?

Can I use my season pass for night sessions?

If I have a child 5 yrs and under and I purchase a pass can my 5 and under child still ski free?

If I lose my Season Pass is there a replacement fee?

If I forget my Season Pass can I receive a lift ticket for the day?

If I am a Season Pass Holder can I receive a discount on lift tickets for my friends?

2014/2015 Mt Ashwabay Season Pass Policies

1. A Family Pass is valid for up to 2 adults and 3 children (18 and under) residing in the same household. Additional family members residing in the same household may be added to any family plan for an additional $25 fee per person. Children currently enrolled in post-secondary education may remain on their family pass until age 22, but the same additional fee applies.

2. Alpine Season Passes only provide access to alpine lifts and runs. XC Season passes only provide access to XC trails, and do not provide any chairlift or rope tow access. You may purchase an All Mountain Pass if you would like to utilize all alpine lifts and runs, and all Nordic Trails.

3. Mt Ashwabay takes a photo and prints passes in the chalet. There will be a processing fee of $5/pass for all complimentary passes, including TotSki, SuperSenior, Staff, Ski Patrol, etc. All passholders must appear in person for their pass to be issued.

4. Replacement passes for those lost or stolen are available at the discretion of hill management, but will be subject to an additional $5 processing/issuing fee.

5. Valid season passes must be displayed at all times while riding the chairlift, or while on the XC trails. Those who forget their pass at home can request a daily ticket. Mt. Ashwabay reserves the right to charge a fee of up to $2/day for issuing a daily ticket, and reserves the right to refuse to issue a daily ticket if the forgetfulness appears to be habitual.

6. Full and partial scholarships are available upon request, but must be approved by the hill management.

7. Payment plans are available upon request, but if the terms are not followed, pass privileges may be suspended until payment is made in full.

8. Any daily or season comps, discounts, or work trades that are different in any way from the above policies must be approved IN WRITING by hill manager prior to their use.

9. Hill management retains the right to revoke daily ticket or season pass without refund if holder commits any act on premises that endangers the safety of themselves or others.

10. The purchaser or user of a lift ticket agrees and understands that skiing can be hazardous. Trail conditions vary constantly because of weather changes and skier use. Ice, variations in terrain, moguls, forest growth, rocks and debris, lift towers and other obstacles and hazards, including other skiers, may exist throughout the area. Be aware that snowmaking and snow grooming may be in progress at any

time. Always ski/board in control.

11. “WARNING: Under Wisconsin law, each participant in a snow sport assumes the risk of injury or death to person or injury to property resulting from the conditions and risks that are considered to be inherent in a snow sport, has a number of duties that must be met while engaging in a snow sport, and is subject to limitations on the ability to recover damages from a ski area operator for injuries or death to a person or to property. A complete copy of this law is available for review at the main site where tickets to this ski area are sold.”