Mr. Myers


Mr. Myers discusses plans with two of his Youth Entrepreneurs students during 5th hour. The students, Senior Brian Burns and Junior Elyse Diez, are preparing for their Business Plan Presentations for a competition.


Myers prepares a lesson for the day in his 4th hour Business Essentials class. For the last couple weeks the students have been learning about job interviews and how to write a resume.


Mr. Myers is directing students inside the building.  March 27 until the last day of school he is in charge of parking lot duty in the mornings.


While Myers’ Marketing 1 class is watching Shark Tank, sophomore Nicole Welling takes some time to talk to Mr. Myers about the upcoming DECA Nationals Trip to California.


Senior Austin Ebert and Junior Tate Berry discuss their upcoming Marketing 3 lesson with Mr. Myers. The lesson was to teach several Business Essentials students about how a job interview is conducted.


Every Monday Myers reads off announcements and events coming up in his Youth Entrepreneurs class. Many students are working on Market Day Plans and Business Plans. In this class there are many opportunities to earn extra cash in and out of the classroom.

Myers points out documents on the Lansing DECA classroom page. With Lansing being a technology based school many classes and clubs use Google Classroom to their advantage like being able to send out information and alerts on upcoming events and club meetings with the chapter.