Meeting date | time 5/08/2017 17:00 PM | Meeting location  Tartu, Estonia

Type of meeting

 Meeting of Teachers


  Rene Leiner ( Estonia)

Lemonia Golikidou (Greece)

Dimitris Fasouras & Sofia Panagiotopoulou (Greece)

José Ángel Moreno Pelegrín, Mª Soledad Sánchez Montalbán,

Leticia Jiménez Ayala (Spain)

Tahir Taş ,  Sevtap Kösem ( Turkey)

Ermelinda Alves, Candido Mariz (Portugal)


Time allotted | 10 | Agenda topic: Evaluation of the Activities (previous and current ones) -

Discussion: The evaluation questionnaires  for each activity and each learning mobility will provide us with data useful for the mid and final report and important for the implementation and evaluation of the Project itself.

Conclusion: All the partners, teachers and students will answer the evaluations forms.

Time allotted | 10’ | Agenda topic l Photo Material of the implementation

Discussion:  The material produced during the implementation of the activities consist a great outcome of our Project. All the outcomes will be available online on projects website and/or blog, also copied into a DVD to be held in every school.

Conclusion. Photos, videos, and presentations should be uploaded, so they must be send to Lela and/or Carmen to be uploaded.

Time allotted | 10’ | Agenda topic [Topic] | Dissemination

Discussion: Dissemination of the Project considered to be essential  

Conclusion:  All partners should keep organize dissemination events or publish the project to a wider audience. Some dissemination methods are available from the EU in 

Time allotted | 10’ | Agenda topic [Topic] | Websites, Blog, eTwinning

Discussion:  The website and the Twinspace in etwinning are still under construction and they should be updated with all the material already produced.

Conclusion:. Carmen & Lela will update the design and the content of our webpages

Time allotted | 10’ | Agenda topic [Topic] Mid-Term Progress report

Discussion: Lela introduced the topic of Mid-Term Progress report by sending also a blank template that it will be probably obligatory for all partners.

Conclusion:  Every partner must check with the NA for deadlines.

Time allotted | 10’ | Agenda topic [Topic]: Mobility Tool

Discussion & Conclusion: The partners must update the Mobility Tool for all the mobilities already done.