Auto Select Guy

Heroes of the Storm

Forged with Jeff Reynolds and Kristen Ashton

Specialist Playlist


No one knows who he is, not even him. Purple from head to foot and wearing only pants, Auto Select Guy is exactly who we need him to be when we don’t know what we ourselves even need.

Jeff’s Choices




        Mr. Purple

Trait- “Jack of All Trades”

In this build of the Auto Select Guy, he would have his own abilities listed below- but on all of the talent choices throughout the game he would have the ability to pick a talent that changed one of his basic abilities to an ability of another hero in the nexus. These abilities would be randomly generated for the auto select player to choose, but would be based on other roles in the game.

1: Assassin

4: Warrior

7: Support

10: ALL

13: Support

16: Warrior

20: Assassin

In addition to 3 randomly generated abilities from the class above, in each of the talent tiers the player will also have the ability to select a talent that buffs one of the Auto Select Guys basic abilities, allowing him to keep his ability and not trade it out.

Mount-  Nexus Hang-Glider

Q- “Nexus Smash” Anti Support

The Auto Select Guy pulls forth his forging hammer and smashes it down on an enemy inflicting large damage. This smash will deal more damage to support heroes and also reduce the amount of healing they can do for a short amount of time.

W- “Nexus Fury” Anti Assassin

Calling on the power that created the nexus this ability allows the Auto Select Guy to create a circle of “nexus” (stars and space) around his toon. All heroes that are in this area are revealed and take damage- but if an assassin is in the range of this ability they receive a debuff to the amount of damage they can do for a short amount time.

E- “Nexus Transfer” Anti Warrior

Auto Select Guy fires a beam at a target and locks on. If this beam stays on the target for a select amount of time the targeted heo will switch places with the Auto Select Guy. This ability can be used on both friend and Foe, but if used on an enemy Warrior they will be stunned if the switch is completed.

Heroic 1- “Nexus Bandit”

When selected the Auto attack player is able to use a random enemy heroes Heroic ability. This is how I figure it would work: All enemy heroes in range that have their heroic OFF cooldown can be a target for it to be stolen. They AUto Select Player activated this ability and takes one of the Heroics and it is added to his ability bar. It will enter his bar with a short 10 second cooldown, and the player will only have 15 second to use it before it goes away. They enemy player that had their heroic stolen will see that their ability will be on a reduced cooldown before they can use it again.

Heroic 2- “Nexus Repair” 

If a player uses this ability on a fort or keep that has been destroyed they have the ability to rebuild it. Slowly the player will stand next to the rubble of the taken down fort and begin to forge it anew. This would take a significant amount of time for the AUto Select Guy to bring it back to life, and it would only return with partial health.

Specialty Skin: First Date Auto Select Guy “I can be whoever you want me to be.”

        Complete with a bouquet of roses and a smartphone for Tinder.

Dance: Mr. Blond dance from Reservoir Dogs “Stuck in the Middle With You.”

Kristen’s Choices

60% of the time, he works every time.


        Random Man


        Whatever you want him to be.


Go Big or Go Home

Random man allows you to build the kit you want based off of currently live Heroes. This means that you choose your Q, W, E, and ultimates based on the role you decide to go. There are two catches. The first is that once you choose a role, you can only choose abilities and traits of other Heroes of that same role. The second is that you can’t choose two abilities from the same Hero. Instead of talent choices, each tier to 10 opens up your next ability choice. Once you hit talent tiers 13-20, you then get to augment the abilities you’ve chosen.


        Random Mount

All mounts for you would come in purple.


Choice #1

Choose a Q from any Hero in the role classification you’ve chosen (Level 1 talent).


Choice #2

Choose a W from any Hero in the role classification you’ve chosen (Level 4 talent).


Choice #3

Choose an E from any Hero in the role classification you’ve chosen (Level 7 talent).


Choice #4

Choose an R from any Hero in the role classification you’ve chosen (Level 10 talent).


        Choice #4

Choose an R from any Hero in the role classification you’ve chosen (Level 10 talent).

Ex Build: Sylv Withering Fire, Murky Pufferfish, Xul Bone Prison, Azmodan Demonic Invasion


        Sexy Picard

He’ll make it so that you’ll never want to stop playing.


        Kickboxer Routine

Dressed like Van Damme of yore, Random Man does a cool kickboxing routine to show off his poise and perfection in all zones of combat.