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Rules and Regulations 2020
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         Rules and Regulations

Showing by appointment only

int_____Reserving your date:

The venue rental and the date will be secured with your first payment, which is ½ of the total rental cost.  All funds are non-refundable.


 NO FIREARMS (including concealed) are allowed on the premises (even if you have a permit). No Pets without prior approval.


Bring your own food or hire a caterer. We do ask that whoever you use be aware they are responsible for bringing their own tables and linens, clean up of the leftover food. Be aware we don’t have a way to keep food cold or hot. We have a designated area for cooking on site. Any excessive clean up will be considered at an additional fee charged to the client. Because staff will be on site most of the day please include us(2) in your number for caterer. (All your vendors will usually eat)  We have water access for cleaning for your caterer. They must bring and take away all food, dirty dishes, and other items that they bring on the premises.


Any decorations brought on the premises by the client must be flame retardant. No open flames. Sparklers are allowed with prior approval from management.  The client shall not use nails, carpet tape or any other similar devices to secure decorations that might otherwise damage the facility. Glitter, confetti, plastic petals( dropped down aisle) or other like party favors are not permitted in the barn or on the grounds.  No paint or any other permanent substances are allowed on the premises. If you move objects they must be placed back in its original place.


Alcohol is allowed(with insurance) but must be limited to beer and wine only.  ABSOLUTELY NO LIQUOR is allowed on the property. Should liquor be found, it will be confiscated and returned at the end of the night or will be discarded at management's discretion. It is your responsibility to make sure your guest knows this.  A bartender must serve All alcohol.  Alcohol must be cut off before or by    9pm on Saturday and 8pm on Friday and  Sunday   Consumption is only allowed in the designated reception area.  Absolutely NO alcohol is allowed to be consumed in the parking areas or fields.  Should this be found, it will be confiscated. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO CHECK COOLERS


Music and sound must be kept at a reasonable level . No subwoofer speakers, and the bass must be kept at an appropriate level. All chandelier lighting and outdoor lighting must remain on during your event. All music must be off before or by 10pm Saturday or 9pm on Friday and Sunday 


You are responsible for leaving the grounds in the same manner you found them.( unless you opt for cleaning service)  Please make sure to remove anything you put up and discard all trash before leaving the event.We will provide trash liners for all trash containers. All trash needs to be taken with you. Barn must be broom swept ( if floor mess can’t be swept up please use mop) before you leave the premises. CLEAN AND OFF PREMISES BY 11PM, 10PM ON FRI. AND SUNDAYS

No liquids to be dumped in trash or bathroom sink. If you spill something, PLEASE clean it up.

int______Destruction and Damage to the premises:

Client shall indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Carver Lake Venue, it’s members, officers, agents and employees from and against any and all loss, cost (including any and all legal fees), damage, liability in connection with any claims judgments, damages, losses, suits or other proceedings, arising out of any act of omission by client and client shall be deemed to waive any and all claims against Carver Lake Venue


We can not control the weather but if your event has to be postponed due to extreme weather only you will be given the next available date.


 We require that you obtain day of event insurance.  If you are serving alcohol you must include limited liquor liability in the policy.  We recommend for your event insurance (non alcohol=100.00) (alcohol=175.00 with limited liquor liability) $1,000,000 coverage is required.  I WILL NEED PROOF OF THIS 30 DAYS PRIOR TO YOUR EVENT.

Additional Comments:

Changes in grounds and buildings happen. We make improvements so we could look different at different times of the year.

No vehicles are allowed in the grass, other than in the parking lot. Only vehicles with handicap tags and service vehicles are allowed to park in the back of the barn.  Please make sure your guest arriving early knows this rule


We as owners and staff will be on premises for most of your special event day. We will provide help and assistance and offer shuttle to parking for guests who might need it. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR SHARING RULES WITH VENDORS