What happened here?

What is this word spit painted on

photonic page / light graffiti’d into


sensical for the sake of

itself, playing with language like

a bad game of scrabble


armchair/ philosophers

busy with pronunciations

semicolon placement and words

To think about


wisdom/ prepositions

nouns and “etaphoical”s

displaced letters stumbling around

Like confessionals, time wasting



everyone expresses slowly. Why not

let them? The purple mass is

carved like a

burned tourniquet/ osteostome

Over: post-modernism

what do we say when every bridge

is burned / by ourselves?


silence like fingers sliced / lambs

I saw a piece of art in a

museum once / a human head

gently placed in one white corner


in velvet and surrounded

spectators reassuring one another

how beautiful

“the majesty, the simpleness!”

I wondered how much it was worth.

Could it have been a forgery, a heist, a hoax?

                                                           Confirmed on urban legend?


Rules for Wikipoesis:

  1. Don’t use oil based paint
  2. Take the backspace key off your keyboard and put it in a sandwich
  3. Prepare for the second-coming
  4. Try not to define anything
  5. No wingdings (emoji’s are fine)


You ain’t my thesis. Every morning

I get up, I never feel

        Compelled toward



Is there somewhere nowhere goes just to get away from it all?  And if we can’t stop it can we at least slow down the world . . . you move too fast, I’d like to make this fucking last . . . maybe we’re all just a quick wank that like mandrake grows in soil soiled.  What does God fantasize about . . . ?  Whose picture does God have tacked to the wall?   A lily or a larry---is God straight, or a fairy?  My time is short, my passion long, my boaty’s ding, my double, Dong.

She stopped for gas,

But I didn’t mind waiting—

I was drowsy on

Berry White,

Watching gusts of rain

Belling the


Here we are: the rubbish.

The dead.

The un-memorial.


it is not something I plan so much as something

I try not to avoid; if bets could be placed

on the odds of trouble, I would make

quite a profit. of course,

it is not so much a thing to be proud of,

this trouble. though I cannot help whispering

of adventures and mishaps, I am careful

to end my stories with a certain sense of chagrin.

but chagrin is never as well received

as trouble.


Purple clouds amassing west

Femme exasperated

I would not see her I’ve come to realize

Metaphor was old weather

I open rigorously

Plainer disrobed

Brimming fancifuls with so many likes

Exigesis and haven, butter

A tangle of letters

Soaked, sank, bear with me

Call the hospital,

Pay swollen liver fees

They said don’t dare

keep your eyes bare and

your heart resigned and

you’ll be fine, they said.

Liver rank and bulging

out of skin out of touch

out of time, but you’ll be fine,

they said, no dread

You took the short road and

I the rough one

I never had your stamina

But you’ll be fine, they said

Dread for the dead is a wasted


Bumble w/Spray Tan

Unfist the line, O, charming boy-girl,

the trick is to watch without staring.

We took to each other. Took time,

took what offered itself, I recall.

You, deep-veined. Me, unlettered.

& the storm came in quickly.

O, TFW you unlike the brimming fanciful.  

Like, once our bodies knew what we’d become--

tangles of smoked-glass skin, stretched desire,

& weary, we slept the fever back & dreamt.

You didn’t what you couldn’t & I hated you for it.

I breathed your orchard-breath  

Love the harmonious, the well-tuned?

Of orchards, of longing  and of other poetic spaces.

I suppose chivalry’s dead. Knock knock.

Who’s there. Neologist. Neologist who?

Um… Unvoiced

 -nesses, -ides, and -ties. //

What’s a-positional, before and after?

It’s putting the income in nincompoop!

It’s answer the door well before

You understand the things we tell

Each other in passages between.

Has not that I’ve bestowed.

Call unto me a song. Such sweetness

She said, I don’t do “unto.”

Neither tide nor tidal bore.

Call back what’s been undone.

Call back what’s unpresented.

So stay distance. Stay becoming.  

Dare you to leave it the strength to improve.

A change, a final change includes no authority.

Oh the unnecessaries of a generation—

to harm or compare or associate.

Act so that there is no use

in a center. Wide action is not

a width.” An answer yields up.

the body’s politic’s more than souls --

I was not awake & I,

I was not unsurprised.

I’d heard the words darked-up

and, like I, exasperated.  

As if you’d been enough.

Fanfic’s always the best fic.

She called me the calm before the awesomeness.  

So I call her, in principle.

It was never my thing — change.

So I dare not, so I’d feign Black Betty,

that pretty poisson, those golden tassels--

O, those pumps and whispers.  Longing, as they say,

& when we we draft compromise, we invite excess.


Longing for eats

They do not eat

Still on diet


clinking of a knife

on a dish

better to use a fork

fry oil

paper towel ripping

clopping drawers

not in bare feet

she stalks

what the clocks

Cannot do

Mice, nibbling

Wink at your neutrality

Shadow of a cat defies

A cold burger

Styrofoam boxes in the yard waste

I”m for veggies

Month’s second new moon

One cricket winding down

Close the window

Noonday fog

Whom does an addict quit for?

Hoped for bright noon

Tongue thickly searching
Teeth and gums for anything
Where’s the f----- cavity

tongues rushing upwards

searching for cooler water

Antigravity machines



Wrote a name like a byline

On the side of his newsboy hand

and scrawled fake lorems up the wrists

leaving chestnut column arms empty

of old opinion.

No one edits nonsense.

No time for nonsense

with so much light dimming

and a sky like that.

We have work to do

not 9 - 5 but every

number. Hard

work: hands to hold

hearts to feel stop beating.


We are welcomed into this world kicking, screaming;

Hoping for more yet never not dreaming.

Striving to learn and to feel and to to love,

Finding our feet and stepping through rough.

We grow, and we yearn, and we cry, and we weep;

We do what we must and we must never sleep.

We age through smiles and tantrums and frowns,

Breaking new barriers and searching new grounds.

Exploring ourselves and the unknowns of life,

We struggle through times of hope and of strife.

Growing and changing as the world chooses

Learning new ways from triumphs and abuses.

Out on our own in the unexplored world;

Continuing to grow and let future unfurl.

Making so plain just how well we cope.

Finding our way through love and hope.

A newborn created, all concerned relieved;

More reasons to live now than just to breathe.

Enjoying the love and giving life freely

Battling hard to be happy ideally.

The end is approaching, my time has gone;

All I have lived and all I have is done.

Gone too soon family and too soon my wife,

Seems to me that there should be more to life.

fold/folding chair

echo chamber

        meet me underground

        meet me where the nowhere

becomes a place we understand to be our new home.

my new phone

blocks out the sound. blocks calls from your mother and mine

mine heart mine letter mine own

tongue rendered rent

due north, due aparted

apartment in a house with inglenooks with olive light fixtures

you and I staring into it

Is there still a god to claim home


Half-cut, drinking milk under your arm,

counting my sins,

Pleading. And all the while the womb of eternity swells

Waiting to birth a bright-star world

Where I becomes the We and eyes begin to see

Beyond this tiny now that aches with the beatings of time

Against the timelessness of all Creation

Like a butterfly being born

Again. . .and again. . .and again. . .


I wish for once, the tap
on my shoulder would be enough
to set off the firework under my bed.  

I erased you before you could invade my dreams again.

Don’t say you wouldn’t do it too

If you had the chance to trace your lips in gold

Skimpy silk baths and rose candles casting light onto your skin

You’re not human anymore

I know you would

I reach deep into the heart of painting,

pull out its guts

ripping canvas and flesh,

always darkness

past whiteness

When they came i sat naked in the leather sofa with a tall glass of vodka. The children were in the bathroom or the kitchen. Afterwards i smoked a cigarette on the balcony. i was free.

Shackled, I found myself past freedom

And confined

Into narrow


Though even there everything around me had vanished;

a cement floor, paint-flecked walls and ceiling,

tiny scraps of paper

where I scribbled days into mindless dreams

of the woman who married another man,

of rumors in the night and this stale, tiredness

gathered at my eyes.  Mary gives me hope.

I hear the voices in the crowd,

even all the spit inside the tv screen.

I’m starting not to care,

though I’ll never break the law.

I never broke the law.  You remember that.

These are the fractured visions

Or at least some of them

Imprinted on my computer

By my hands

During my last trip-up

Guess I always loved animals

Liked their fur and their weird vertex assholes

I liked nature as a kid

I had alopecia but nothing could stop me

This was of course in the 80’s

(Go figure)

Anyways, every day you learn something new


If only this could not have been cuzIf only spite if only  for spite’s sake winnows.   A threat Spite for spirt’s sake  raucus

 went.  to spite                  If only to spite Went-space wented  gone

‘cuz you  are  with  me  here.


& winnows


 At untouched leaves of authom flail.  

Saxon-like, there’s hope yet.

Concessession concede. How’s that for concise. I am, but O, nevermine. Mine, Awry mine, mine,   dream-boat    another time,

So can you not. Nah. Whatever this is has not been. Avow. What’s this’ what is this is not. This Blunder Unceasinglyness. Undintinglyness

      Dross the drossiest   a river dream thirl trill

underside of dross unceaseingly. Senselessly.

Dintless. As befittingly by dintlessness

Dross the drossiest underside of dross.

Reader, I will like whitehot metaphorical fires, will.  unceasinglyness

Dross as  what was this before and how  befits this, your ass-face.

What cannot hold’s your/our balliwick  This cannot be less than it is. By dint of you and your assface  this has not been  What wasn’t could not hold Has this been Could this not be Could this not’ve been. What’s new if not thiswelling this weeling out.

Will, like whitehot metaphorical fires, will.

Dross the drossy underside of dross. Ruing The drossy underside of dross this is commitment. Dross it free dross it true will it blunder The drossy underside of dross. & even the decrement by dint of reminisce even upon even.

Drossiest Unpaced & dross it up good. Unceasingly sully I will dross by doing, dross whatever the drossed like what undivented        were’d it were’t

as gesture false Like gallwinged apiary ternmouths of small plants the underside of the leaves the systoles

‘cuz you are with me here               drossy underside of decrement. Diminution

                                                     &                take to

even the undeniable even   blundering    grapes lees dregs

                            droozy blunderings drossy is gummy is dross. Iz  

as only fires will kept close wept metaph  drossy orical fires and etaphoical tears.   But you are here        But   eschatological

Blunder cuz you are with me here.   No’s a full stop.

Clarity and certainty inapt. Were’d it unto you . Were’d were it  it Be it Will as unto  like wave, like like x, like galls on a leaf like studded    

Certain of   a turn.  Certainty   uneven the world. Leafs trees but not their branches (for example)

Suplant Suffice supplicant mine eyes and unto awy I’ll not have this go awry or I will have this go awry. If I were  & is this the place to get indignant. & would I. Would this go awry. And how would I know. I’d have the indign. I’d indign. Unknow

hazard   nothing’s doing.   Unto away  ‘ts

an evening out. Evening   Absent.

I’d even. I’d preclude.  Can. You. Not. those final & otherwise & . what’s final

& otherwise & what’s ungly speaks. Young-ly youth un-be undoes

 is this the place to get indignant?

That Immaskin  What’s inappropriate.

Reader, do I indign?  Do I intone    un-be the

So take what’s set. Take what’s set before us. That this must end. Falsity. Continuance.  What must go on.  So can you not.  What is finality finality  indignant   is this the place for indignation & what if it’s ugly.

’s finality t’s sundry  at’s sundry

We take what set before us. Set this before you. Set this challenge. So what’s now. &/or could you not. In reverse. So So what’s now. Refocus Topsy-turvy. What now what’s not now. What’s now   All flat particulars.  Could you not. Rehashing   Does and re-does. Undoing. Go backwards   Redoes-ing

Can you not. Cause hope’s all and what’s that give but an all-flattening nothing particular.   An Even-ing out        Dozing dosing

A taking-stock, if you will.

The underside of hope’s a flattening out of all’s peculiar. Can you just not. The donsde of hope. I can’t not even. I can’t even. Hope evens all

So what now.

I’d everyone in order. Where to go now tha’t seems like an ending.

A brightening thing at the edge of our vision

Myopic generalizable. Whether a held bright thing

We’re uncertain and disputed.

Can you not. I hope hope evens out.

On instants and instatiations Time’s Sure, I’ve not been blameless. Also too moreover in addition.    

& what’s not generalizable. On the other hand,

Reader, there are times and times. as ‘before, in presence of’ and ‘by the side of, besides, along with, in addition to’. However, the examples cited are better interpreted as instances

on the contrary.   Of notions and propositions. Uncertain and disputed.

Wiki What?

They say facts cannot be found

On wikipedia; it’s credibility lost around

The same time you last heard of someone

Opening an Encyclopedia, turning its pages,

And reading that the pyramids of Egypt

Were not built by Aliens.

Worm as Friend

I saved a worm today.

He didn’t try to get away.

He didn’t know who I was.

He writhed in a ball of fear because -

He felt my finger touching him.

His worm brain sensed medieval sin:

Dry skin upon his wet skin.

Both only dead and grey in the end.

Today is the day - I declare him to be my friend.



from sleep and warm

water and no glasses

i spot an uncertain comma


he drags

his tail up my

shower wall cumbersome

and not unmaggotesque and i

can see

his guts

or maybe it’s

his dinner i lean in

and squint for a better view of

his face

the boy

is spotty and

bean-legged like a young

caterpillar but uglier

i don’t

know how

he got in here

i can’t feed him this boy

will just have to fend for himself


and damp

i slither out

a pupa but with lots

more limbs and leave my companion

to wash


I am dumb

So dumb

Sometimes i wonder if i screamed that i was dumb

That all the dumb would come gushing out of my mouth and i would be free

But my dumbness and i remain like two fools

Because i can not distance myself from it


Im so dumb