Project 6: scroller


  1. background
  2. jumping sprite
  3. obstacles 
  4. bad guy
  5. THE END
  6. cleaned up

GOAL: make the background scroll as your sprite moves



Make 3 Variables:

  1. scroll x
  2. page x
  3. page num

Make a left and a right sprite:


Step by step of the MATH needed for scrolling:

Make a sprite that jumps and  moves with the left right arrows. Use this move script:

Add some obstacles that lower points or lives and restart the game.

Draw some stuff on your background costumes!

Bad guy sprite

moving sprite (I have mine changing costumes: optional)

falling sprite:

on your main sprite:

END THE GAME:        

draw something a color that ends the game

I made a pink portal.

add this script t the cat:

make a win sprite that hides at the beginning and shows when it receives “you win”