International Tamil Academy

( California Tamil Academy )

Affiliated Schools Program Manual

California Tamil Academy (CTA) was started in 1998 as a non profit organization with the objective of teaching Tamil to kids in the USA. CTA developed curriculum and books tailored to meet the needs of Tamil Heritage learners in the US. CTA now teaches to over 9,700 students in six of its branches and the CTA education system is currently used in about 65 affiliated schools in 17 states in the US and in UK and UAE.

The Tamil schools in the US and countries outside India benefit from CTA’s education system, curriculum, books, materials and it’s technology. Please find below the procedure to become a CTA affiliated school.

This manual discusses the procedure to get affiliation and useful documents post migration.

Affiliation procedure

If you are interested in affiliating with ITA, please see

Affiliation procedure


Your CTA officer

Evaluation Procedure

Please refer to the following slides to learn about Evaluation procedure.

Evaluation Procedure

Skillset document


Books price list

Book order form

Sample Syllabus

Our sample syllabus for few grades and few weeks is available at:

Transfer procedure

Transferring a student

The families relocate. Our affiliated schools model allows us to accommodate the transfers as smooth as possible. We would like the new school to welcome the parent and accommodate the students.

Here is the procedure for transferring a student to a new school.


CTA team will notify the new school and former school about the transfer request..

Current school Principal:

New School Principal:

While the transfer process is taking place, please accept the student and place them in the same grade as the former school grade. Parent should not register in the new school again.

Once the log records are updated, CTA Web team will transfer the student records to the new school.

Apply the logs

The transferred logs include weekly log, attendance, monthly test logs, etc. This is not applied automatically. Please apply logs manually.

Find the logs and attendance records in the web at:

Download the log and apply again.

(This is currently not automated. We are working on it.)

Fee Transfer:

Please also work with the former school Principals about the fee transfer.  You may use the following fee transfer calculator to know how much to transfer. If the transferred fee is more than your fee, please refund the extra to the parents. If the transferred fee is less than your required amount, please ask the parent to pay the balance.

Fee Transfer Calculator

 To open a new school year

Each year we prepare the school year and open for registration. Opening a school year includes closing the current year, setting up calendar for new year, updating the contact info etc.. Before we initiate the new school year procedure, we would like the schools to take care of the following.

Close the current school year.

Once we close the current school year, you will not be able to update the records. It is important that all the records are updated online.

Prepare the school year info using the following template and send to us.

Calendar, Schedule, etc

If there will be any change to the fee, please let us know before we open the school year. Once we open the registration, it is more work to update fee detail.